Aarne Arvonen
Aarne Arvonen
Birth: 4 August 1897
Helsinki, Finland
Death: 1 January 2009
Järvenpää, Finland
Age: 111 years, 150 days
Country: FIN FlagFIN

Aarne Armas "Arska" Arvonen (4 August 1897 – 1 January 2009) was a Finnish supercentenarian.[1] He was the oldest Finnish man ever, and was also the last surviving veteran of the Finnish Civil War. He became the oldest living person in Finland on 5 December 2006 after the death of Elsa Tilkanen. He was one of the founders of the Finnish astronomical organization Ursa. He died on 1 January 2009, at the age of 111 years, 150 days.[2]


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