Aime Avignon
Aime Avignon
Birth: 2 February 1897
Death: 23 August 2007
Ales, France
Age: 110 years, 202 days
Country: FRA FlagFRA

Marie-Aime [Aimé] Pierre Avignon (2 February 1897 – 23 August 2007) was the oldest living man in France, at 110 years of age, from the death of 111-year-old Maurice Floquet on 10 November 2006, until his own death, aged 110 years, 202 days, over nine months later. He also became the seventh French man to become a supercentenarian. He was the eighth-oldest man in the world, and the third-oldest in Europe.


France's Oldest Living Man Titleholders (VE)

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