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Anders Engberg
Anders Engberg
Birth: 1 July 1892
Morup, Falkenberg, Sweden
Death: 6 November 2003
Age: 111 years, 128 days
Country: SWE FlagSWE

Anders Sigfrid Engberg (1 July 1892 – 6 November 2003) was a validated Swedish supercentenarian. He was born in Morup, Falkenberg. During the First World War, Engberg was in the military with the assignment to guard the coast.

He worked with agriculture for the most part of his life. In 1924, he got married and the couple had 4 children in total. His wife died in 1966. He had quit smoking 6 years prior to that.

Engberg died on 6 November 2003, at the final age of 111 years, 128 days. At the time of his death, he was the oldest living Swedish man. As of 2015, he is the only male supercentenarian to die in Sweden.


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