Andrew Hatch
Birth: 7 October 1898
Louisiana, USA
Death: 18 January 2016
Oakland, California, USA
Age: 117 years, 103 days
Country: USA FlagUSA
Longevity claimant

Andrew Frank Hatch (7 October 1898? - 18 January 2016)[1] was an American male supercentenarian claimant. He claimed to have been born in 1898, but since no documents have been found for him from the first 20 years of his life, he cannot be put on the GRG's Table EE (the table of pending-validated claims). Later-life census matches (1940) suggest that he may have been born in 1904 and some house records suggest the same. He celebrated his claimed 117th birthday on 7 October 2015.


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