Anne Matthiesen
Anne Matthiesen
Birth: 26 November 1884
Haderslev, Syddanmark, Denmark
Death: 19 March 1996
Vejle, Syddanmark, Denmark
Age: 111 years, 114 days
Country: DEN FlagDEN

Anne Matthiesen (née Jensen; 26 November 1884 – 19 March 1996) was a Danish supercentenarian who is the oldest person ever to die in Denmark and has been verified by the GRG.[1] Two emigrants have lived longer, Christian Mortensen and Johanne Svensson.


Anne Matthiesen was born Anne Cathrine Jensen on 26 November 1884 in Haderslev, Syddanmark, Denmark (which was then Hadersleben, Prussia, German Empire).

Matthiesen died in the same region (Syddanmark) on 19 March 1996 at the age of 111 years, 114 days. She was the oldest validated Dane ever to die in Denmark. Her record has yet to be broken, the closest being Karen Jespersen (1889–2000), who fell 24 days short, dying aged 111 years, 91 days.


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