Annie Meston
Birth: 12 November 1903
Brixham, England
Death: 22 March 2015
Age: 111 years, 130 days
Country: UK Flag UK

Annie Meston (née Holland) (12 November 1903 – 22 March 2015) was a validated British supercentenarian.

Annie Tanner Meston was born in Brixham, England, United Kingdom as a daughter of Samuel and Martha Holland. Reportedly, she began training at Hill Head School, Churston, but gave up her education to move to Bristol to help out at her brother's fish and chip shop. Her first husband was Norman Francis Tanner, whom she married in 1935. The couple moved to Wimbledon where their only son Geoffrey was born in 1936. The second husband was William Gordon Meston. The marriage took place in 1947.

On 12 November 2013, Annie Meston celebrated her 110th birthday. Upon the passing of Ethel Lang and Alma Rayward on 15 January 2015, she became the 2nd-oldest living person in the United Kingdom behind Gladys Hooper. Annie Meston passed away on 22 March 2015 at the age of 111 years, 130 days.

Considering the fact that Mrs. Hooper’s place of residence was the Isle of Wight, Mrs. Meston was at the time the oldest living person on the island of Great Britain.[1]


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