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Anonymous of Tokyo
Birth: 15 March 1900
Death: 27 September 2015
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Age: 115 years, 196 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Anonymous of Tokyo (15 March 1900 – 27 September 2015) was a verified Japanese supercentenarian who had been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare as Japan's oldest living person. She was a resident of the district of Shibuya, Tokyo. She was the fourth-oldest verified living person in the world, according to the Gerontology Research Group. She had been the oldest living Japanese person since the death of Misao Okawa on 1 April 2015; but was not officially verified until 1 July 2015.[1]

She died on 27 September 2015 aged 115 years, 196 days. After her death, Nabi Tajima (born 4 August 1900) became Japan's oldest person.

While her name was never publicly disclosed by the MHLW, a photograph of her wall in a 2011 photo suggested her name was Harumi Nakamura.[2][3]


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