Arthur "Bo" Carter (5 October 1889 (claimed birth on 5 November 1888) – 11 June 2001) was a verified American supercentenarian and at the time of his death aged 111 years, 249 days, one of the oldest living men in the United States.

Born in Calhoun, Louisiana to Lewis and Camilla (née Murphy) Carter, he later moved to Texas. He was originally verified by the Kestenbaum study as born 5 November 1888, which would've made his age at death 112 years, 218 days, and also made him the oldest living man in the world. However, in 2005 the Kestenbaum study downgraded his age to 111 years, 249 days based on the fact the 1900 census listed him as born "Oct 1889".


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