Arturo Licata
Birth: 2 May 1902
Enna, Italy
Death: 24 April 2014
Enna, Italy
Age: 111 years, 357 days
Country: ITA Flag ITA

Arturo Licata (2 May 1902 (claimed birth on 28 April 1902) – 24 April 2014) was an Italian supercentenarian who lived until the age of 111 years, 357 days. Licata was the world's oldest verified living man, following the death of Salustiano Sanchez  on 13 September 2013, until his own death on 24 April 2014. He is third-oldest Italian man on record only behind Giovanni Frau and Antonio Todde.


Arturo Licata was born in 1902 and had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He, at the age of nine, began to work at mines; he later served in the Italian military. When he was young, he walked 22 kilometers every day, due to the lack of cars in his area.

He worked as a miner in dangerous working conditions. His career lasted 60 years. He married a woman named Rosa, and had 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. Licata also has 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. His wife Rosa died in 1980. He was born in Enna, Italy and also died there. When he was 85, he got blinded in one eye in a motorbike accident.

Aside from poor hearing and eyesight, he remained in good health until May 2013 when his health began to decline.

He died on 24 April 2014. Following his death, Alexander Imich became the oldest man in the world.


Arturo Licata tcm25-19782

Arturo Licata as a young man.


Arturo Licata aged 111, recognized as the World's Oldest Man.

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