Asa Takii
Asa Takii
Birth: 28 April 1884
Hiroshima, Japan
Death: 31 July 1998
Hiroshima, Japan
Age: 114 years, 94 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Asa Takii (28 April 1884 – 31 July 1998) was a validated Japanese supercentenarian who was the oldest person in Japan from the death of Suekiku Miyanaga on 20 June 1998 until her own death six weeks later. She was also the second oldest person in the world (after Sarah Knauss) and the oldest person ever from Hiroshima. Her Hiroshima longevity record was broken by Mitoyo Kawate in 2003.[1]


She was born in Hiroshima on 28 April 1884. On 6 August 1945, at the age of 61, she survived the atomic bomb dropped on the city. She said that she was washing clothes when she saw a huge flash. The blast killed her husband and family and buried her in the rubble of her home until she was found days later.

She loved poetry and regularly wrote haiku, a traditional Japanese form of poetry, until giving up at the age of 106.

She died of heart complications from high blood pressure on the island of Kurahashi, on 31 July 1998. She was aged 114 years, 94 days. After her death, Tase Matsunaga became the oldest resident of Japan.[2]


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