Camille Loiseau
Camille Loiseau
Birth: 13 February 1892
Paris, France
Death: 12 August 2006
Paris, France
Age: 114 years, 180 days
Country: FRA FlagFRA

Camille Blanche Loiseau Chadal (13 February 1892 – 12 August 2006) was the oldest living person in France for more than a year, until her death aged 114 years 180 days. Loiseau was ranked fifth in the world in the 2007 edition of Guinness World Records. She achieved the position of France's oldest woman, known in France as the Doyenne de France, on the death of Anne Primout on 26 March 2005, who also died at age 114.

She was the oldest verified person living in Europe since the death of 114-year-old Italian Virginia Dighero 28 December 2005, and became the fifth-oldest verified living person in the world on the death of 115-year-old American Susie Gibson on 16 February 2006. Camille Loiseau was succeeded as doyenne of France by Marie-Simone Capony, aged 112 at the time, though the title was first given to fellow 112-year-old Marie Mornet, who lived in the western town of Poitou-Charentes, but was three weeks younger than Capony.[1]

She was born in Paris and never moved out of the city until her hospitalisation in 1998 due to a fall. She was the youngest of nine children, four boys and five girls. On 13 August 1910 she married Rene Frederic Chadal, although their marriage lasted only 15 days.[2] As is common in France, Camille Loiseau chose not to use her husband's last name.

She had celebrated her last birthday "with a little champagne", and was known right to the end of her life for her humour and flirtatiousness. She died in the Hopital Paul-Brousse in Villejuif.


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