This category refers to people who, either during their lifetime or posthumously, were considered the WOP by Guinness or the GRG, but who lost the title with the verification of someone older. Thus far, this has happened to Sylvester Melvin, Joseph Saint-Amour, James William Hull, Ella Ille Rentel, Lovisa Svensson, Ellen Dart, Kiet Portier-Tan, Margarethe Zinndorf, Auguste Pahl, Yoshigiku Ito, Linnie Jones, Ollie Bay, Mamie Eva Keith, Maren Bolette Torp (twice), Orpha Nusbaum, Elzona Maxey, Birdie May Vogt, Amy Hulmes (though she was only appointed as a publicity stunt), Charlotte Benkner, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, and Eunice Sanborn. Only cases that did not regain the title should be included.

Pages in category "Dethroned WOPs"

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