Celino Villanueva
Celino Villanueva
Celino Villanueva in July 2016
Birth: 25 July 1896?
Rio Bueno, Chile

121 years, 238 days?

Country: CHL FlagCHL
Longevity claimant

Celino Villanueva Jaramillo (born 25 July 1896?) is a Chilean claimant to the World's Oldest Person title.


Villanueva was reportedly born in 1896, in Rio Bueno, Chile. He has remained single all his life. He reportedly moved to Mehuin, Chile, in 1960 where he has lived ever since.

Age issue

Villanueva celebrated his claimed 120th birthday in July 2016. If true, this would make him more than four years older than the verified male longevity holder, Jiroemon Kimura.