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Christina Backs-Karnebeek
Christina Karnebeek-Backs
Birth: 2 October 1849
Death: 7 October 1959
Age: 110 years, 5 days
Country: NED FlagNED

Christina "Chrissemeuje" Karnebeek-Backs (née Backs) (2 October 1849 - 7 October 1959) was a Dutch supercentenarian. She was the world's oldest living person from the death of Rosalia Spoto on 20 February 1957 until her own death on 7 October 1959 aged 110 years, 5 days. She was succeeded as oldest living person by Marie Olsen.[1] She was the first female supercentenarian from the Netherlands, as well as the last surviving person born in the 1840s.


Mrs. Christina Backs was born in Holterhoek, The Netherlands (a small hamlet in the vicinity of Eibergen) to parents Gerhardus Backs and Johanna Nijvolder on October 2, 1849. She married her husband Antonius Bernardus Karnebeek on November 11, 1897. The two of them would spend the rest of their lives together in Holterhoek, where they had a farm. Mr. Karnebeek died in 1922, aged 67.

Towards the end of her own life, Mrs. Karnebeek-Backs became somewhat of a celebrity in her native country, as no other Dutch woman had yet reached the ages of 108, 109, and 110 before; moreover, at the time of her death, no other woman in The Netherlands was older than 107 [2]. On her 110th birthday, family and press were invited to celebrate the milestone with her, yet Mrs. Karnebeek-Backs was already suffering from a cold and hardly spoke a word [3]. She would die five days later, late in the evening, after having been given her last rites [4].



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