Cornelia la Fors-van Geel
Cornelia la Fors-van Geel on her 109th birthday.

Cornelia La Fors-van Geel (13 December 1868 - 9 January 1978) was a Dutch centenarian who was the oldest living person in The Netherlands after the death of Johanna Leeuwenburg-Hordijk on 25 September 1975.


Cornelia La Fors-van Geel was born in Steenbergen, The Netherlands, on 13 December 1868. She lived in the residential area of 'De Kruispoort' for more than onehundred years. In early 1973, she moved to a retirement home. She kept abreast of the events in her city and the world. At an advanced age, she was able to read newspapers without glasses, though she had to use a magnifying glass. Even though Cornelia needed much rest, she still wasn't bedridden. She never used a diet. During the last years of her life, only her memory became weaker.

A few days before her death, her health declined seriously fast, which made her death less unexpected for her family and the other members of retirement home 'Charitas'. Cornelia la Fors-van Geel eventually died on 9 January 1978 at the age of 109 years, 27 days. Following her death, Gerarda Hurenkamp-Bosgoed became the oldest living person in The Netherlands.


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