Elisabeth Kimoff
Elisabeth Kimoff

Elisabeth Kimoff (20 November 1904 - 15 October 2015) is a Macedonian-Canadian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated. If her age is true, she's the oldest person ever born in Macedonia.


Elisabeth Kimoff was born in Macedonia on 20 November 1904. In 1923, at age 18, she moved to Canada with her brother. After settling in Toronto and becoming part of the growing Macedonian community, her first job was working as a finisher of men’s suits. These were difficult times, with many cultural adjustments and a steep language barrier.   She married in 1926, and lived in a shared house with her husband. The couple moved to an apartment shortly afterwards, where her son Richard was born.

When asked what she remembers about her childhood, she replied with a smile: “Picking cherries. They had lots of cherry trees in the village.” Years later she maintained a few peach trees she had planted from seed in a small plot in Toronto.

Elisabeth Kimoff passed away on 15 October 2015 at the age of 110 years, 329 days.



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