Elizabeth Stefan
Birth: 13 May 1895
Szabolcsveresmart, Austria-Hungary (now Hungary)
Death: 9 April 2008
Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Age: 112 years, 332 days
Country: HUN FlagHUNUSA FlagUSA

Elizabeth Stefan (13 May 1895 – 9 April 2008) was a Hungarian-American supercentenarian whose age is officialy validated. She was the oldest person from Hungary ever. During her life, her family already knew she was, but since there where no records to find in Hungary, it wasn't hundred percent sure.


Elizabeth Stefan, also known as Aunt Erzsi, was born in Szabolcsveresmart, Austria-Hungary (now Hungary) on 13 May 1895. In 1912, she followed her three sisters to 'the beloved land' of the United States because they lived in poverty. She married another Hungarian person, András Stefán, with whom she got three children.

At her 110th birthday, it was mentioned that her eyesight and hearing became weaker. Besides that, her birthday was a big event; not only in the family, but also in the city of Norwalk where she lived. The local newspaper, The Hour, has written an entire story about it.

Elizabeth Stefan died on 9 April 2008 at the age of 112 years, 332 days. At the time of her death, she was the 5th oldest person in the United States and the 7th oldest person in the world. If she would've lived about another month longer, she would've celebrated her 113th birthday.