Elle Malberg
Elle Malberg
Birth: 10 April 1907
Linte, Põlva County, Estonia
Death: 16 December 2015
Räpina, Põlva County, Estonia
Age: 108 years, 250 days
Country: EST FlagEST

Elle Malberg [Mälberg] (10 April 1907 – 16 December 2015) was an Estonian centenarian who is the oldest Estonian person ever.


Elle Malberg was born as Ella Adele Raudmanson on 10 April 1907. She studied at the School of the Ministry of Raadama between the years 1916–1920 and 1920–1921, later at Köstrimäe parish school in 1922, and finally at the Higher Räpina Reaalgümnaasium and agricultural high schools from which she graduated in 1927. Then, she studied at the University of Tartu. She acquired a primary school teacher profession at the Tallinn Pedagoogiumi in 1931. She worked as a teacher at the Võõpsu primary school. In 1932, she was the only female teacher in Räpina 6-year Primary School.

In September 1937, she Estonianised her name into Elle Raudver. She married Martin Maelberg in 1939. She was the supervisor of Mälberg folk community and manager of Räpina folk song festivals. After the war, she taught folk dancing. Elle Mälberg has worked as a teacher of biology. She retired in 1974; however, continued to teach part-time until 1980s.

Elle Mälberg was a founding member of the Department of Nature Conservation Society of Räpina. he was also awarded with the Order of the White Cross. In 2014, Mrs. Maelberg became the oldest living person in Estonia.

Elle passed away on 16 December 2015, aged 108 years, 250 days.