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Elsa Moberg
Elsa Moberg
Birth: 30 June 1889
Lysekil, Sweden
Death: 27 November 2001
Age: 112 years, 150 days
Country: SWE FlagSWE

Elsa Moberg (30 June 1889 - 20 November 2001) was a verified Swedish supercentenarian. She was born in Lysekil as one of 14 siblings. Elsa got married relatively late in her life, aged 47. Her husband Ernst died in 1968. The couple never had any children. She worked in the shoe business until she was in her 80s.

Elsa Moberg died on 20 November 2001, at the age of 112 years, 143 days. She was the oldest Swedish person of all time at the time of her death until Astrid Zachrison broke her record in 2007.

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