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Eva Morris
Eva Morris
Birth: 8 November 1885
Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
Death: 2 November 2000
Stone, England
Age: 114 years, 360 days
Country: UK Flag UK

Eva Morris (née Sharpe, 8 November 1885 – 2 November 2000) was the oldest recognised person in the world, by the Guinness Book of Records,[1][2] from December 1999 until November 2000.[3] She was a native of Stone, Staffordshire, England.


Morris attributed her longevity to whisky and boiled onions.[4] She was said by friends to enjoy the occasional cigarette and to have ridden a bicycle.[5]

She worked as a domestic servant[6] and was widowed in the 1930s. Morris lived in her own flat until she was 107, when she moved to a nursing home after a chest infection. Her only child Winnie died of cancer in 1975 at the age of 62.

Morris died in her sleep at 1.25 am at the Autumn House Nursing Home in Stone. There had been claims that a Dominican woman, Elizabeth Israel, was 125 years old, but the Guinness Book of Records said Morris had taken the title because her date of birth could be fully authenticated.[4]


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