Fu Jiangshi
Fu Jiangshi
Birth: 2 April 1897?
Shandong Province, China

121 years, 50 days?

Country: CHI FlagCHN
Longevity claimant

Fu Jiangshi (born 2 April 1897?) is a Chinese supercentenarian claimant who is currently unverified. She is, at the claimed age of 121 years, 50 days, according to the Chinese government, the oldest living woman in China and also the oldest living Chinese person. She is also the oldest living person in Shandong Province.


Jiangshi claimed to have been born on 2 April 1897, in a farming village in Shandong Province. She grew up in the Yellow River area. She has seven children, five of which were living in 2010, with the eldest two being nonagenarians. Her family, consisting of 6 generations, all live together. Since 2009, she has been the oldest person in Shandong Province.