Henriette Boeuf
Henriette Boeuf
Henriette Boeuf at the age of 112.
Birth: 4 November 1903
Saint-Just-Sauvage, Marne, France
Death: 23 July 2016
Saint-Martin d'Ablois, Marne, France
Age: 112 years, 262 days
Country: FRA FlagFRA

Henriette Boeuf [French: Bœuf] (nee Chambrette; 4 November 1903 – 23 July 2016) was a verified French supercentenarian.[1] At the time of her death, she was the third-oldest living person in France.


Henriette Albertine Leontine Boeuf was born on 4 November 1903 at 11am in Saint-Just-Sauvage, Marne department, France. She aspired to become a teacher, but World War 1 interrupted her studies at age 14. Henriette was employed at a bakery in Paris.

Around 1923, she married to Lucien Maurice Boeuf, a railroad worker. She herself started to working in the socks industry. In her spare time, she enjoyed maintaining her garden.

When she was 101, she entered a nursing home but was physically healthy and took very few medication. Initially, she wasn't enjoying her place of residency, stating that "everyone is so old". At age 111, she only took painkillers.

She died on 23 July 2016 in Saint-Martin d'Ablois, Marne department, France, aged 112 years, 262 days.


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