Hester Ford
Birth: 15 August 1905
Co Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

112 years, 122 days

Country: USA FlagUSA

Hester Ford (née McCardell; born 15 August 1905) is a validated American supercentenarian.

Early life

Hester was born on 15 August 1905 in Lancaster County, South Carolina to Peter and Frances McCardell. She worked on a farm where she not only planted and picked cotton, but plowed the field and cut wood.

She married John Ford on 12 March 1921 and they had 12 children (eight girls and four boys; including Hattie Thomas).

Later life

She moved to Charlotte in 1953 where she worked for more than 20 years as a nanny. Also, she is a devout Christian and spent many years volunteering at her local church.

Though while dementia has taken away many of her memories, it hasn’t taken away the Scripture she holds so dear. In fact, she can still recite the 23rd Psalm with no difficulty whatsoever.

On her 112th birthday, she had 53 grandchildren, 120 great-grandchildren, and 126 great-great-grandchildren. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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