Ida Troupe
Ida Troupe
Ida Troupe on her claimed 117th birthday
Birth: 25 December 1900?

117 years, 148 days?

Country: JAM FlagJAM
Longevity claimant

Ida Troupe (born 25 December 1900?) is a Jamaican supercentenarian claimant to 117.


Troupe was allegedly born on Christmas Day in 1900. During her life, she worked as a fish vendor. She was among the first group of people to move into the 1963 housing development in Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica. She still resides in the community.

Troupe first gained public attention on her claimed 117th birthday in December 2017, when she was visited by Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie. If her age were validated, she would be the world's oldest living person.