Iris Westman
Iris Westman
Iris at 110
Birth: 28 August 1905
Aneta, North Dakota, USA

112 years, 110 days

Country: USA FlagUSA

Iris Westman (born 28 August 1905) is a verified American supercentenarian.


Iris C. Westman was born in Aneta, Nelson, North Dakota on 28 August 1905 to Nicholas Westman and Mathilda Erickson. She was the only daughter in her family to survive to adulthood. Two sisters did not survive their childhood. It caused her to be very close to her mother and fiercely loyal to her brothers. Iris is a 1928 graduate of the University of North Dakota. Iris was an English teacher in both Aneta and Hillsboro, North Dakota before moving to Minnesota. She retired as the elementary librarian in Worthington, Minnesota, where she sang in the First Lutheran Church choir with Mikkel Pates. She never married.

Iris lives in Nothwood, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States.


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