Isabel Castano Restrepo
Isabel castano
Birth: 11 January 1906
Manizales, Colombia

112 years, 6 days

Country: COL FlagCOLUSA FlagUSA

María Isabel Castano [Spanish: Castaño] Restrepo de Lugo (born 11 January 1906) is a Colombian-American supercentenarian who is currently unverified.


Isabel claims to have been born on 11 January 1906 in Manizales, Colombia. She got married when she was 41 in Colombia and had two children. After the kidnapping and disappearance of her husband in Colombia, she emigrated to Venezuela in 1973. She later moved to the United States and lived in Washington, New Jersey, and New York before moving to Miami Beach, Florida (where she has lived for 20 years).[1]


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