Jacques Clemens
Birth: 11 July 1909
The Hague, South-Holland, Netherlands

108 years, 221 days

Country: NED FlagNEDBEL FlagBEL
Jacques Clemens (born 11 July 1909) is a Dutch-Belgian centenarian. Clemens is the oldest living priest in the world, the oldest living man in Belgium since the death of Aimé Wille on 7 May 2015 and the oldest living Dutch-born man as well since the death of Wim Hendriks on 21 March 2016.


Jacques Clemens was born on 11 July 1909 in The Hague, Netherlands. During World War I, life wasn't easy for Clemens, as he was struggling to get some food. He became a priest in 1936 and led the mass in the 'La Bultia' parish in the municipality of Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes in Hainaut, Wallonia from 1958 to 2015. At age 102, Clemens fell and was taken to hospital, where it wasn't sure whether he would continue his work, which he eventually did. As of today, Clemens has some problems with walking and a short time before his 106th birthday, his health declined a little bit due to another fall, though he was healed ten days later. When it was announced he became Belgium's oldest living man, he refused to gave some commentary, as one of his friends stated: His wish is to die on the altar in his church. Despite some health problems around his 108th birthday, Clemens is still happy with life.

Clemens currently lives in the town of Nalinnes, Wallonia, Belgium. He's the oldest living man in Belgium, as well as the oldest living Dutch man, since he kept the Dutch nationality. His secret to his longevity is to go to bed early and get out of bed early as well and that he always eats his meals at the same time.