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Jadwiga Młynek
Jadwiga Młynek 1905aa
Jadwiga Młynek at age 105
Birth: 1 October 1905
Kalisz, Poland
Death: 1 August 2015
Kalisz, Poland
Age: 109 years, 304 days
Country: POL FlagPOL

Jadwiga Mlynek [Polish: Jadwiga Młynek] (1 October 1905 –  1 August 2015) was a Polish centenarian. She was a resident of the city of Kalisz, Greater Poland Voivodeship. She was born in the same city. Jadwiga Mlynek was believed to be the oldest living person in Poland since the passing of Jozefa Bak on 10 June 2014 until her own death on 1 August 2015 at age 109 years, 304 days. After her death the title of oldest living person in Poland went to Jadwiga Szubartowicz.

Jadwiga Mlynek is presently considered to be the longevity record-holder of the Polish administrative region of Greater Poland Voivodeship.

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