Jan Goossenaerts
Jan Goossenaerts
Birth: 30 October 1900
Horendonk, Belgium
Death: 21 March 2012
Essen, Belgium
Age: 111 years, 143 days
Country: BEL FlagBEL

Jan Goossenaerts (30 October 1900 – 21 March 2012) was a verified Belgian supercentenarian. He was, at the time of his death, the oldest verified Belgian man ever (However, he is the second oldest man ever born in Belgium) and the oldest living man in Europe and also the third oldest living man behind Jiroemon Kimura and James Sisnett. He was the last surviving white man born in the 19th century.


Jan Goossenaerts was born as Joannes Aloissius [Aloïssius] Goossenaerts in the village of Horendonk, the 3rd child born to Josephus Goossenaerts and Joanna van Ginneken. He fled to Netherlands at the time of the first World War. He worked as a farmhand and a mason until his retirement in 1965.

He married Catharina van Meel (18 August 1909 - 2 July 1997) c.1937 and they remained married for 60 years until her death. He had 5 children, three of whom were alive at the time of his death. Jan outlived the other two, who both died a few months before his 110th birthday.

In 2007, age 107, he moved to a nursing home (St. Michael). In the same year, he became the oldest living man in Belgium. A day before his 110th birthday, the Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters visited him and they planted a sapling called the "Super-centenarian tree". In September 2011, a month before his 111th birthday, his mental health deteriorated but his physical condition was still good. However, in the last few days of his life, his health deteriorated very badly and he died on 21 March 2012 at the age of 111 years, 143 days.


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