Joao Coelho de Souza
Joao Coelho de Souza
(allegedly born 10 March 1884) is a Brazilian longevity myth that was first reported on in 2012 aged "128".

He claims to have a birth certificate dated 10 March 1884, but this has not yet been proven to be his by an international authority on age validation, such as the Gerontology Research Group. If this was right and he really was born then, he would be 133 years, 162 days old! However, this is extremely unlikely, as his age is far beyond the proven oldest age documented by modern systems of age validation...Jeanne Calment reached 122 years, 164 days in 1997.

He lives with his wife who is 69 years younger than Joao's claimed age. He has a daughter aged 30, which meant that if his age were right, he would have fathered her aged 101!  He also has a 16-year-old granddaughter.

Coelho suffered a stroke six years ago, but continues to eat three meals a day, his favorite dishes being rice, fish and meat. [1]



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