Jose Uriel Delgado
Birth: 10 March 1900?
San Antonio de Escazú, Costa Rica

117 years, 167 days?

Country: COS FlagCRI
Longevity claimant

Jose Uriel de los Angeles Delgado Corrales (claims birth 10 March 1900?) is a Costa Rican longevity claimant. He claims to be the world's oldest living man.


Jose claims to have been born on 10 March 1900 in San Antonio de Escazu, Costa Rica to Jesus Delgado and Gabriela Corrales. He claims to have a baptism record which supports 1900 as a birth year. According to his alleged baptism record, he was baptized in San Miguel de Escazu, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica by Yanuario Quesada on 12 March 1900.

Whether the person alive today is the same as the person in the birth record is an issue. There is a nearly 99-year gap in the records for this claimant, and he has no "family history" and lives with people that don't know about his early life. He also appears to be in remarkably good shape for the age claimed.

He lives in Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica.


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