Juan Pablo Villalobos Maradiaga (born 26 June 1901?) is a Salvadoran claimant to the World's Oldest Man title.


Villalobos Maradiaga was reportedly born on 26 June 1901 in San Miguel, El Salvador. He worked as a carpenter, bricklayer and farmer. At the claimed age of 100 he broke his knee after a fall.

Villalobos Maradiaga had 39 children, 14 of whom are deceased. His first child was reportedly born in 1922, and his last born in 1980. He had six children with his first wife, Francisca Benitez, and three children with his current wife, Gabriela, who is 75 years old.

In June 2017, Villalobos Maradiaga travelled to New York, USA to visit his family.


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