Juana Chox Yac
Birth: 29 November 1893?
Santa Lucía Utatlán, Guatemala
Death: 27 September 2017
Santa Lucía Utatlán, Guatemala
Age: 123 years, 302 days?
Country: GTM FlagGTM
Longevity claimant

Juana Chox Yac (29 November 1893? – 27 September 2017) was a Guatemalan claimant for the world's oldest person.


Juana Chox Yac was allegedly born on 29 November 1893 in Santa Lucía Utatlán, Guatemala. She reportedly married Juan Chavez at the age of 15. They had two children, and Chavez died in 1920. She later married Miguel Alva, with whom she had six more children. He died in 1984.

Chox Yac died on 27 September 2017, at the claimed age of 123. At the time of her death, she reportedly had 26 grandchildren, 76 great-grandchildren, and 136 great-grandchildren.

Age issue

Chox Yac did not have any documentation to support her claim. An age of 123 would make her older than the oldest validated person of all-time, Jeanne Calment, who lived to the age of 122.