Julie Montabord
Julie Montabord
Birth: 17 April 1906
Le Vauclin, Martinique, France

112 years, 91 days

Country: MTQ FlagMTQ,FRA FlagFRA

Julie Montabord (born 17 April 1906) is a validated French supercentenarian. She is from the French overseas territory of Martinique.


Hermenegilde Julie Sainte was born in Le Vauclin, Martinique on 17 April 1906. Her mother was a validated supercentenarian, Felicite Jandia (12 February 1881 – 7 December 1992). She travelled to Saint-Pierre, Martinique at the age of 20. She worked in Saint-Pierre as a manager for 17 years. After that, she moved to south France where she worked as a housekeeper. Julie had one son, Raymond.

Julie lives in Le Precheur, Martinique, France.