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Kate Begbie
Kate Begbie
Birth: 9 January 1877
Shropshire, England
Death: 5 September 1988
Age: 111 years, 240 days
Country: UK Flag UK

Kate Begbie (9 January 1877 - 5 September 1988) was a verified British supercentenarian. She was born in Shropshire, England, but moved to Dundee, Scotland, when she was still an infant. Begbie worked as a primary school teacher. She said that her longevity was due to avoiding cigarettes and drinking alcohol very moderately.

As her 111th birthday neared, she stated that she felt fine, that she looked forward to the day but not all the fuss that comes with it. She could recall her mother talking about the Tay Bridge Disaster that occured in 1879. Her daughter, a retired doctor, was still alive at the time. Begbie used to vote for Margaret Thatcher in the elections.

Begbie remained in Scotland for the rest of her life. She died on 5 September 1988 at the age of 111 years, 240 days. She was Britain's oldest living person for nearly 20 months between 1977-1978.


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