Limbo supercentenarian cases is intended to be a place where cases where a person was reported to have reached the age of 110+ in a reliable source, sufficient information exists to establish their identity and claimed date of birth at their 110th birthday, but who later disappear off the radar, having neither been confirmed living or deceased for a period of one to two or more years. Generally, the test rule is one year for validated cases and two years for unvalidated cases. A short grace period after a birthday may be permitted to see if a birthday update will become available. This period is usually given as 35 days.

LIMBO cases may be either "validated as living" (and then moved to "limbo" with last update) or "unvalidated report to age 110+" (and then moved to limbo with no update).

Limbo Validated Cases

Name Sex Birth Last confirmed alive Age Country
Ichi Ishida F 15 Jan 1899 fl. Dec 2011 112 years, 320+ days JAP FlagJPN
Toshi Higano F 19 June 1899 fl. Oct 2011 112 years, 104+ days JAP FlagJPN
Tou Tajiri F 23 Oct 1901 fl. Jan 2014 112 years, 70+ days JAP FlagJPN
Kiyo Oshiro F 15 Sept 1902 fl. 15 Sept 2014 112 years, 0+ days JAP FlagJPN

Limbo Unvalidated Cases

Name Sex Birth Last confirmed alive Age Country
Jane Young [1] F 22 June 1901fl. 13 July 2013 112 years, 21+ days JAM FlagJAM
Kuo-Ying Feng [2] F 12 May 1902fl. 12 May 2015 113 years, 0+ days CHI FlagCHNUSA FlagUSA
Feli Noi [3] F 5 Dec 1903fl. 21 Apr 2015 111 years, 137+ days SUR FlagSUR
Zonia Way [4] F 9 May 1905 fl. 8 Mar 2016 110 years, 304+ days USA FlagUSA