This is a list of South African supercentenarian claimants (people from South Africa who claim to have reached the age of 110 or over). Unvalidated claims aged 115+ can be found in Longevity claims.

List of South African supercentenarian claimants (110-114)

      Deceased (Validated)       Living       Unvalidated

Rank Name Sex Birth Death Age
Freddy Blom [1] M 8 May 1904?Living

113 years, 163 days?

Simon Malatji [2] M 1 Jan 1900?fl.2 Nov 2012 112 years, fl.306 days?
Jan Steenberg [3] M Dec 1904?Living

112 years, 291 days+?

Elizabeth Maloka [4] F 1 Jan 1902?13 Jan 2014 112 years, 12 days?
1 Johanna Booysen F 17 Jan 185716 June 1968 111 years, 151 days
Johanna Adonis [5] F 5 Aug 1907Living

110 years, 74 days

Vhulahani Johanna Tsanwani[6] F 9 Aug 1903?fl.21 Aug 2013 110 years, fl.12 days?
Andreas Sithole [7] M 13 July 1905?fl.14 July 2015 110 years, fl.1 day?
Maria Fredericks [8] F Mar 1903?fl.Mar 2013 110 years, fl.0 days?


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