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This page lists the last surviving veterans of numerous military conflicts, where known.

War of 1812

  • USA: Hiram Cronk, died 13 May 1905

American Civil War

  • Last Union veteran overall: Albert Woolson, died 2 August 1956
  • Last Union combat veteran: James Hard, died 12 March 1953
  • Last Confederate veteran (combat and overall): Thomas Riddle, died 2 April 1954

American Revolutionary War

  • Colonies: Daniel F. Bakeman, died 5 April 1869

Second Boer War

Finnish Civil War

  • White Guards: Lennart Rönnback, died 4 November, 2007[3]

Franco-Prussian War

  • France: Thomas Guillaume Troubat, died 9 March, 1954[4]

Irish War of Independence

  • IRA: Dan Keating, died October 2, 2007

Mexican-American War

  • USA: Owen Thomas Edgar, died 3 September, 1929

Spanish-American War

  • USA: Jones Morgan, died 29 August, 1993 or Nathan E. Cook, died 10 September, 1992

Turkish War of Independence

  • Turkey: Yakup Satar, died 4 April, 2008[5]

World War I


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