The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2002.

Veterans by country of service - 217 veterans

Australia (7 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Campbell, Alec WilliamPrivate, 15th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force26 Feb 189916 May 2002 (103)Last survivor of Gallipoli. Enlisted 1915 aged 16, served at ANZAC Cove loading supplies for six months before falling ill. Evacuated and discharged when real age discovered. See entry.
Durston, Raymond GeorgeCorporal, General Service Reinforcements, Australian Imperial Forcec.189919 May 2002 (102)Non combat. Enlisted 1918. Travelled to Europe, but his ship docked in London the day war ended.[3][4]
Jessop-Smith, Kenneth PaulAustralian Merchant Navy12 Jan 190214 Oct 2002 (100)Born in Wales. Enlisted aged 15. Also a World War II veteran.[5]
Lockett, John Henry (Jack)Sergeant, Australian Imperial Force22 Jan 189125 May 2002 (111)Enlisted 1916. Fought on the Western Front. See entry.
Munday, JohnPrivate, 7th General Service Reinforcements, Australian Imperial Force18995 Dec 2002 (103)Non combat. Enlisted July 1918 and completed basic training, but did not leave Australia.[6]
Sykes, Leslie RobertOrdnance Officer, Royal Australian Navy3 Dec 189819 Jul 2002 (103)Enlisted 1917. Served as a gunnery mechanic.[7]
Whitmore, Albert ErnestPrivate, 9th Light Horse, Australian Imperial Force14 Aug 1899 26 Jul 2002 (102)Enlisted 1917. Served in the Middle East. Also a World War II veteran.[8]

Austria-Hungary (3 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Manheim, Ernest27 Jan 190028 Jul 2002 (102)Died in the USA. See entry.
Selmair-Selwart, Antonio Franz Theus9 Jun 18962 Nov 2002 (106)Born in Germany, died USA. Served as a Lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry. Later a well-known actor. See entry.
Vietoris, Leopold4 Jun 18919 Apr 2002 (110)Born and died in Austria. Later a distinguished mathematician.[9] See entry.

Belgium (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Massaer, Elvire22 Apr 19002002 (101)A nurse in the Belgian Army.
Van Bergen, Charles18992002 (102)5th regiment.

Canada (6 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Harlow, Edward H.Petty Officer, Royal Canadian Navy15 Dec 189931 Aug 2002 (102)Non combat. Served aboard HMS Niobe. Died in the USA. [10][11]
Fraser, James Forrest18977 Dec 2002 (105)Served in France.[1][12]
Morton, LawrenceDecember 21, 18972002 (104-105)Served in France.[1][13][2]
Peterson, Robert Alfred TalbotPrivate, 202nd Infantry (Edmonton Sportsmen’s) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force7 Jan 18991 Mar 2002 (103)Fought at Vimy Ridge.[1][14]
Preet, PeterPrivate, 2nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force1899Dec 2002 (103)Enlisted aged 16 and served on the Western Front as a runner. Gassed but survived.[15]
Smethurst, Alfred GladstonePrivate, Canadian Expeditionary Force3 Feb 190021 Apr 2002 (102)Enlisted underage and fought at Vimy Ridge.[1][16]

China (1 veteran)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Guisheng, ZhuChinese Labour Corps18955 Mar 2002 (106)Joined in 1916. Served as a crane operator, docker and electrician. Last known veteran of the CLC. Chose to stay in France after the war, served in French army in World War II, and died in La Rochelle.[3]

France (39 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Allaigre, Joannès17 March 18999 Apr 2002 (103)[4]
Alland, René1 Nov 18987 Jan 2002 (103)[4]
Baillif, Jacques26 Dec 189619 Jun 2002 (105)Conscripted 1915. Served with the 1eme Regiment de Zouaves, 39e and 75e RI, and 103e RA.[4]
Bazille, Etienne20 Dec 1899Jul 2002 (102)Conscripted 1918. Also a World War II veteran.[4]
Bidaine, Gaston2 May 18961 Feb 2002 (105)Conscripted 1915. Fought on the Somme and at Verdun.[4]
Boméa, Albert1 Sep 190016 Jul 2002 (101)Served in the Navy 1918. Died in the USA.[4]
Bonvalot, André13 Apr 1897Sep 2002 (105)[4]
Boué, Alexandre16 Jun 1898Mar 2002 (103)[4]
Bourgoin, Raymond6 Jul 1899May 2002 (102)[4]
Bourzat, Léon28 Dec 189627 Oct 2002 (105)[4]
Bouscarat, Jean12 May 189717 Aug 2002 (105)[4]
Brinster, Marcel22 Dec 189916 May 2002 (102)[4]
Collay, Joseph Marius1 Dec 189926 Jun 2002 (102)[4]
Conrié, Henri Marie6 Apr 18998 March 2002 (102)[4]
Contié, Jean8 March 189731 Oct 2002 (105)[4]
Coquin, Victor20 Jun 189614 Oct 2002 (106)[4]
Dayon, Théophile Julien5 Jul 18949 Jan 2002 (107)[4]
D'Harboulle, Hilaire François26 Jan 189322 March 2002 (109)Enlisted 1913. Wounded in 1914 on his first day at the Front. Later fought at Verdun and in Salonika.[4]
Dumonteil, Noël Jean Charles8 Dec 189929 Dec 2002 (103)[4]
Filipeau, Léandre8 Oct 189811 Jan 2002 (103)[4]
Gautier, Eugène19 Oct 18984 Dec 2002 (104)Conscripted 1917. Gassed at Vosges, later taken prisoner.[4]
Gayrard, Albert8 Feb 18989 Feb 2002 (104)[4]
Gravelle, René31 Jan 189812 May 2002 (104)[4]
Guerin, Lucien14 Apr 18997 Apr 2002 (102)[4]
Guertault, Louis6 May 189521 Jan 2002 (106)Fought on the Somme and at Picardie and Verdun with 129e RI du Havre. Ended the war as an air mechanic with 2e Groupe d’Aviation.[4]
Igier, Charles Basile25 Sep 189515 Feb 2002 (106)Enlisted 1914. Fought with the 25eme Battalion de Chasseurs on the Somme and Marne. Twice wounded.[4]
Latié, Jean2 Sep 189413 Sep 2002 (108)[4]
Le Meur, Louis16 Sep 1899May 2002 (102)Later a well-known comedian. Died in Switzerland.[4]
Lindor, Valentin17 Feb 18982002 (104)[4]
Mabillot, Clotaire16 March 18978 Mar 2002 (104)Conscripted 1916.[4]
Ménétrier, Pierre12 Mar 189924 Apr 2002 (103)[4]
Moritz, Leon20 Dec 189920 June 2002 (102)[4]
Ohnet, Jacques11 Jan 18991 Apr 2002 (103)Conscripted 1918. Served on the Western Front with the 138e and 107e RAL.[4]
Pelika, Joseph23 Dec 18972 Oct 2002 (104)[4]
Pinier, Eugene17 Dec 18972 Oct 2002 (104)[4]
Platret, Louis Alexandre31 Dec 18958 Jan 2002 (106)[4]
Rimbert, Raphaël Evariste26 Oct 1898Mar 2002 (103)[4]
Sauvet, Fernand2 Jul 1899Jan 2002 (102)Enlisted 1917. Fought on the Somme with the 15e RA de Douai.[4]
Vandaele, Maurice21 Dec 18982002 (103)[4]

Germany (8 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Arkenberg, Frank8 Sep 189322 Dec 2002 (109)Died in the USA.
Bredtschneider, Georg23 Mar 18927 Mar 2002 (109)Oldest Living German man at his death.[5]
Feldmann, Ernst14 May 18989 Jul 2002 (104)[17][6]
Klein, Reinhard12 Feb 189715 May 2002 (105)[18]
Lueking, Joseph4 Dec 189724 Feb 2002 (104)Died in the USA.
Moritz, Léon20 Dec 189920 Jun 2002 (102)Born in Alsace-Lorraine. Conscripted into the German army 1917. Wounded at Cambrai. Died France.[4]
Schinkel, Willy23 Aug 18964 Jun 2002 (105)Marine, fought in the 1916 Battle of Jutland/Skagerrak.[7]
Wissner, Heinrich3 Dec 189525 Oct 2002 (106)Served from May 1916 in France, Russia and Ukraine.

Italy (5 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Graziosi, Horace23 May 189819 Jun 2002 (104)Died in France.[19]
Lampone, Giuseppe23 Feb 189629 Sep 2002 (106)Died in USA.[20]
Todde, Antonio22 Jan 18893 Jan 2002 (112)The oldest man in the world at the time of his death. Wounded at Mont Grappa, Northern Italy, on the Austrian Front. See entry.
Ugolini, Arnaldo10 Nov 1894Nov 2002 (107)[21]
Mattana, Cesare7 May 189321 Jul 2002 (109)[22]Template:Dead link

Jamaica (1 veteran)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Clarke, EugentPrivate, British West Indies Regiment18942002 (108)Oldest Jamaican veteran.[8]WO372/4[23]

Philippines (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Barruga, Timoteo G.24 Jan 190023 Aug 2002 (102)Private, US Army. Also a World War II veteran.[9]

Poland (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Kowalkowski, Feliks16 Aug 189527 Nov 2002 (107)[24]
Pióro, Franciszek8 Jan 189711 Sep 2002 (105)Served in the navy.[25]

Portugal (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Baptista, José Maria Hermano1 May 189514 Dec 2002 (107)Served on the Western Front 1917-1919.[10]

Russia (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Gabryel, Michał8 Sep 18955 Feb 2002 (106)Born in Belorussia. Conscripted in 1915. Twice saw Lenin. Died in Poland.[26][27]
Rabinovitch, Eliazar24 Dec 189827 Jun 2002 (103)Born in Latvia. Served as a book-keeper in the Imperial Russian Army, and as a medic in the Red Army during World War II. Died in the USA.[28]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (69 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Alexandre, Albert EduoardPrivate, 1st Royal Guernsey Light Infantry & Royal Garrison Artillery6 Oct 190114 Jan 2002 (100)Last surviving Chelsea Pensioner to have served in World War I. Enlisted at 16. Fought at Passchendaele.
Andrews, James WilliamArmy25 May 1899Apr 2002 (102)[8]WO372/1[29][30]
Baird, JohnPrivate, Manchester Regiment & Royal Army Medical Corps26 Jul 1896Jan 2002 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Army Medical Corps.[8]WO372/1[31][32]
Beadman, Lionel EdwardPrivate, 51st (Graduated) Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)25 Apr 1900Sep 2002 (102)Still in training when the war ended.[11][33]
Beedon, John EdwardDriver, Royal Field Artillery22 Jan 1897Jul 2002 (105)Served on the Western Front.[8]WO372/2[34][35]
Bell, GeorgePrivate, Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)16 Nov 189830 Dec 2002 (104)Saved when shrapnel from an exploding shell hit the bible he kept in his breast pocket. Died in the USA.[36][37]
Blower, Walter ArthurRoyal Sussex Regiment17 Apr 1900Jun 2002 (102)[12][38]
Boulden, Archibald CareyPrivate, Army14 Feb 1897Oct 2002 (105)[8]WO372/2[39]
Bowie, AndrewPrivate, 1st Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders3 Oct 189726 Aug 2002 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the Cameron Highlanders. Enlisted aged 18. Fought at Passchendaele, gassed but survived. Died in Australia.[13]
Briggs, John MortimerActing Captain, 1/2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers16 Mar 1898Jun 2002 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. A student at Nottingham University. Enlisted 1916.[8]WO372/3[40][41]
Brown, EdwardPrivate, King’s (Liverpool Regiment)12 Jul 1896Apr 2002 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Liverpool Regiment.[12][42]
Brown, Leopold Wilfred T FPrivate, Somerset Light Infantry23 Sep 1898Nov 2002 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the Somerset Light Infantry.[8]WO372/3[43]
Bugg, Wilfred Marcus PPrivate, East Lancashire Regiment & Lancashire Fusiliers7 Aug 1898Jun 2002 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the East Lancashire Regiment.[8]WO372/3[44]
Bunday, Frederick HenryBoy Telegraphist, Royal Navy28 Nov 190028 Dec 2002 (102)Enlisted 1915. Served on HMS Hannibal and HMS Grafton. Also a World War II veteran.[14]ADM 188/753[45][46]
Chater, Henry WilbyPrivate, Northamptonshire Regiment27 Jan 1896Jun 2002 (106)Last known combat veteran of the Northamptonshire Regiment.[12][47]
Colledge, Roland Thomas (Roly)Merchant Navy23 Dec 1900Mar 2002 (101)[48][49]
Cotgrove, William George (Bill)Driver, Royal Field Artillery26 Oct 189611 Feb 2002 (105)Ammunition wagon driver. Served at Ypres. Awarded the Military Medal for bravery.[8]WO372/23[50][51]
Covey, Donald FrederickRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve28 Feb 1900May 2002 (102)[15]ADM 337/1-108[52]
Cowan, NormanCorporal, 'A' Squadron, Northumberland Hussars5 Oct 1898Feb 2002 (103)Captured by the Germans and ended the hostilities as a POW.[53][54]
Crossland, GilbertPrivate, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)30 Jan 1897Nov 2002 (105)Fought on the Somme and at Arras. Wounded in action. Trapped in mud he was rescued by Germans who sent him back to the British line.[8]WO372/5[55]
Davis, Herbert Wyndham C (Bert)Driver, Royal Defence Corps24 Dec 1896Aug 2002 (105)Non combat. Failed medical for active service 4 times but conscripted as an army lorry driver on Salisbury Plain.[56][57]
Deane, Frank SydneyPrivate, Welsh Regiment & 1/6th Durham Light Infantry18 Feb 1899Oct 2002 (103)Last known Great War combat veteran of the Durham Light Infantry.[58][59]
Dixon, Gerald2nd Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps6 Sep 1899Apr 2002 (102)Last known British pilot of the Great War.[60][61]
East, Thomas HenryPrivate, Army14 Jul 1900Dec 2002 (102)Non-combat. In Dover about to embark to France at the Armistice.[16]
Ellis, Benjamin FrankPrivate, Army15 Feb 1896Feb 2002 (105)[8]WO372/6[62]
Fielding, AlbertPrivate, Royal Flying Corps23 Jan 1900Mar 2002 (102)Served as an aircraft engine fitter in Egypt.[63][64]
Fraser, James Forest (Jim)Private, 52nd (Lowland) Division1 Dec 18987 Dec 2002 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the Lowland Division. Born Scotland, died Canada. Served as a machine gunner on the Western Front.[65]
Godin, Frederick GeorgeRoyal Naval Air Service22 May 1900Sep 2002 (102)Enlisted 1918.[14]ADM 188/646[66]
Gooderidge, Walter NormanRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve13 Aug 1898Dec 2002 (104)[15]ADM 337/1-108[67]
Gray, Wilfred Sydney?22 Jan 18953 Aug 2002 (107)[68]
Hazlehurst, William (Bill)Private, Royal Flying Corps10 Sep 1899Jun 2002 (102)Enlisted aged 17.[69][70]
Henning, Reginald JohnRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve28 Jul 1899Apr 2002 (102)[15]ADM 337/1-108[71]
Heywood, ReubenPrivate, 10th (1st Gwent) South Wales Borderers2 Oct 18996 Nov 2002 (103)Wounded at Bapaume 1918.[72][73]
Hilliard, HenryRoyal Naval Air Service19 Jan 1900Jan 2002 (101)Enlisted 1917.[14]ADM 188/635[74]
Hoar, Cyril WardenPrivate, Devonshire Regiment & Cheshire Regiment27 Sep 1898Feb 2002 (103)[8]WO372/9[75]
Hodges, Frederick JamesCorporal, 10th Lancashire Fusiliers18 Jul 189910 Feb 2002 (102)Enlisted 1917. Battalion Gas NCO.[13][76]
Holman, Charles VictorPrivate, 5th Norfolk Regiment & 1st Essex Regiment26 Feb 189813 Jan 2002 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the Norfolk Regiment. Enlisted 1915. Served as company runner. Awarded Military Medal for bravery at Cambrai.[77][78]
Holyoake, Frederick GeorgeOrdinary Seaman, Royal Navy27 Aug 1900Aug 2002 (101)[12][79]
Humphrey, Ronald RexPrivate, Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)23 Dec 1899Feb 2002 (102)[12][80]
Hunt, Clifford AndrewPrivate, Army Service Corps16 Feb 1899Jul 2002 (103)[8]WO372/10[81]
Hutchinson, Alfred AmbroseRoyal Marine Light Infantry9 Mar 1897Jun 2002 (105)[12][82]
Johnson, Percy VictorPrivate, 21st (County of London) London Regiment (1st Surrey Rifles)1 Mar 1899May 2002 (103)Enlisted underage at 16.[83][84]
Jones, Arthur EdwardPrivate, 2nd Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)4 Dec 1898Feb 2002 (103)Conscripted 1917. Served as company runner. Wounded at Amiens.[85][86]
Kilsby, Robert AlfredPrivate, London Regiment2 Nov 1899Aug 2002 (102)[8]WO372/11[87]
Labbett, George SamuelRoyal Naval Air Service2 Dec 1899Feb 2002 (102)Enlisted 1917.[14]ADM 188/635[88]
Lippiatt, Marquis GrahamRoyal Air Force19 Jan 1901Jun 2002 (101)[12][89]
Lorriman, Percy LazenbyPrivate, Machine Gun Corps6 Dec 189813 Dec 2002 (104)Served on the Somme as a Vickers gunner.[90][91]
Marlow, Albert EdwardRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve22 Jan 1900Mar 2002 (102)[15]ADM 337/1-108[92]
Miller, Bernard JosephArmy4 May 1898Jan 2002 (103)[8]WO372/14[93]
Moore, Frederick William TCorporal, Royal Engineers21 Nov 189214 Apr 2002 (109)Britain’s oldest man at his death.[8]WO372/14[94][95]
Odd, John GordonPrivate, Royal Marine Light Infantry14 Sep 1899Jan 2002 (102)[17]ADM 159[96]
Parkes, WilliamSergeant, South Wales Borderers18 Jan 18967 Oct 2002 (106)Born in the UK, died in the USA.[8]WO372/15[97]
Parsons, Frank HenrySergeant, Royal Engineers15 Jun 1896Feb 2002 (105)Enlisted 1914. Wounded early in the war, served the remainder as a drill sergeant at Chattenden, Kent.[12][98]
Powdrill, FrankPrivate, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)4 Apr 1898Feb 2002 (103)[8]WO372/16[99]
Randall, Reginald JamesPrivate, 5th (City of London) London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) & Army Signal Co, Royal Engineers23 Aug 1899Jan 2002 (102)[12][100]
Ransford, Ernest Merrill2nd Lieutenant, Worcestershire Regiment & Suffolk Regiment16 May 189730 Jul 2002 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Worcestershire and Suffolk Regiments.[8]WO372/16[101]
Rawling, Douglas OldfieldArmy20 Jan 1900Mar 2002 (102)Non combat.[102][103]
Roberts, Douglas HenryPrivate, Sussex Yeomanry& 7th Buffs (East Kent Regiment)14 Jan 19002 Dec 2002 (102)Wounded on the Somme 1918.[104][105]
Rosenthal, SimeonPrivate, Machine Gun Corps3 Jun 1900Feb 2002 (101)Enlisted underage. Last known (British) Jewish veteran.[106][107]
Ruttledge, Robert Francis (Robin)Lieutenant, 34th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse11 Sep 189912 Jan 2002 (102)Last known veteran born in the (now) Republic of Ireland and the last known Great War veteran of the Indian Army. Enlisted 1918 and awarded World War I campaign medals; later won the Military Cross. Also served in World War II.[18]
Shanks, JohnRoyal Flying Corps27 Jun 1900Jan 2002 (101)[108][109]
Shaw, ThomasPrivate, 16th (2nd County Down) Royal Irish RiflesJun 18992 Mar 2002 (102)Last (now) Northern Irish veteran. Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Irish Rifles. Fought at Messines, Ypres and Passchendaele. [110]
Smithers, Herman JulianRoyal Engineers24 Mar 1898Jan 2002 (103)[12][111]
Sowray, David LeonardPrivate, The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) & Labour Corps23 Dec 1898Jun 2002 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the Labour Corps.[8]WO372/18[112]
Tozer, Arthur EdwardRoyal Naval Air Service22 Dec 1899Feb 2002 (102)Enlisted 1917.[14]ADM 188/635[113]
West, Frank ThomasLieutenant, Cheshire Regiment29 Apr 1899Apr 2002 (102)Last known Great War veteran of the Cheshire regiment.[8]WO372/21[114]
Wilkinson, Michael JamesActing Sergeant, Border Regiment13 Aug 1896Dec 2002 (106)[8]WO372/21[115]
Williams, HubertPrivate, 6th (Glamorgan) Welsh Regiment, Gloucestershire Regiment & Royal Flying Corps9 Nov 18951 Sep 2002 (106)Last known Great War veteran of the Gloucestershire Regiment. Enlisted 1915. Served on the Western Front and in Salonika.[116][117]
Wolfe, Harry William JohnArtificer, Royal Navy4 Jul 1899Sep 2002 (103)Enlisted 1915.[14]ADM 188/1047[118]

United States (69 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Agresta, Joseph A.24 Feb 190011 May 2002 (102)(Florida) Served in France in the Third Infantry Division, US Army.[19][119]
Alimpolo, Eracleo22 Apr 18982 Oct 2002 (104)(Washington) Born in the Philippines and last known Filipino born World War I veteran. Served as a steward in the US Navy 1916-1920.[120]
Anderson, Namon W.4 Nov 18958 Feb 2002 (106)(Alabama) US Army.[9]
Baker, Charlie21 Jul 18994 Aug 2002 (103)(Arkansas) Private, US Army.[9]
Blakney, Clarence Perry21 Feb 189617 Apr 2002 (106)(Kentucky) Served in France as an acting Mess Sergeant at a base hospital.[121]
Booker, Ed.15 Oct 18947 Jun 2002 (107)(Louisiana) Private, US Army.[9]
Burns, Charles M27 Feb 189817 May 2002 (104)(California) Private, US Army. Enlisted October 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[9]
Carpenter, Byron G9 Oct 18988 Mar 2002 (103)(Missouri) Private, US Army.[9]
Chambers, John Sterling5 Jun 19002 May 2002 (101)(Oklahoma) Private, US Army.[9]
Coffman, Elwyn M.7 Dec 189724 Oct 2002 (104) (Kentucky) Served in France with the Quartermaster Corps.[122]
Collison, Norman R.3 Sep 189827 Mar 2002 (103)(Nebraska) Served in France.[19][123]
Coutz, John8 May 189917 Feb 2002 (102)(Ohio) Served in France.[19][124]
Crandall, Irving Hawthorne6 Aug 189911 Aug 2002 (103)(New Hampshire) Private, US Army.[9]
Curry, Elijah6 Mar 18998 Apr 2002 (103)(New York) Served in France.[19][125]
Dorsey, Lawrence T.2 Jul 18995 Dec 2002 (103)(Oregon)[126]
Edwards, Harvel C.1 Jul 189710 Nov 2002 (105)(Tennessee) Served in France transporting ammunition to the Front. Last known veteran from Tennessee to have served overseas.[19][127]
Fisher, Homer Arthurc.1899Dec 2002 (103)(California) Served in France.[19]
Fletcher, Claude L.3 Oct 18973 Jul 2002 (104)(Idaho) Last known veteran from Idaho to have served overseas.[19][128]
Gauerke, Arthur6 Aug 18946 Apr 2002 (107)(Wisconsin) Non-combat. Served with the US Army in a military post office in Illinois from March to December 1918.[129]
Gaupp, Charley10 Apr 189717 Oct 2002 (105)(Washington) Served in France.[19][130]
Gibbs, Glendon Bryan26 Apr 189816 Jun 2002 (104)(Oklahoma) Private, US Army. Enlisted June 1917.[9]
Gillum, Alexander15 Mar 189617 Feb 2002 (105)(Virginia) US Army.[9]
Gulbronson, Henry R.14 Sep 18924 Apr 2002 (109)(Wisconsin) Served in France in an artillery unit alongside his two brothers.[19][131][132]
Hayden, Charles H.3 Jun 18964 Aug 2002 (106)(Kentucky) Sergeant, US Army.[9]
Herrmann, Leo B.9 Jan 189822 Nov 2002 (104)(Kansas)[133]
Hitchen, F. James3 Aug 190018 Apr 2002 (101)(New Jersey) US Navy.[9]
Hooker, Curtis McClenon28 Mar 189719 Apr 2002 (105)(Virginia) US Army.[9]
Hresko, John4 Apr 189817 Jan 2002 (103)(New Jersey) Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy.[9]
Jackson, Earl Henry1 Jan 190023 Apr 2002 (102)(Maine) US Army.[9]
Johns, Emmett E.18 May 189627 Jun 2002 (106)(Iowa) Last known veteran from Iowa to have served overseas.[19][134]
Kabakow, Joseph30 Dec 189414 Jan 2002 (107)(New Jersey) Born in Russia, emigrated to the USA in 1913. Served in France.[19][135][136]
Kane, Joseph Nathan23 Jan 189922 Sep 2002 (103)Enlisted in US Army but contracted the Spanish flu in 1918 and was never sent overseas. Later a prominent journalist and writer. See entry.
Kelliher, Daniel W.6 Aug 189813 Oct 2002 (104)Fought on the Western Front with 101st Infantry, 26th Yankee Division.[137]
Kuekan, Walling19 March 189513 Jan 2002 (106)
Kulaga, Walter26 Nov 189921 May 2002 (102)(Massachusetts) Private, US Army.[9]
Mainard, Otto28 Mar 18996 Nov 2002 (103)(Oregon) Private, US Marine Corps. Enlisted 8 November 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[9]
Martin, James G.30 May 189712 Apr 2002 (104)(Maryland) Corporal, US Army. Enlisted September 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[9]
Martin, William19 Apr 18959 May 2002 (107)(Texas) Served in France.[19][138]
Martinsen, Bernard4 Oct 189631 Jan 2002 (105)(California) Served in France.[19][139]
Olson, Otto20 Nov 18959 Mar 2002 (106)(Texas) Served in France.[19][140]
Perry, Joseph C.24 Feb 189613 May 2002 (106)(Ohio) Served in France.[19][141]
Potts, John Thomas14 Aug 189617 Aug 2002 (106)(Florida) Also served in World War II and Korea with the US Air Force, reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.[9]
Purdy Sr., Harry E.23 Nov 189319 Jul 2002 (108)(Wisconsin) Served on the Western Front.[142]
Reed, Charles H.30 Mar 189722 Jan 2002 (104)(Missouri) Private, US Army.[9]
Reid, Charles W.11 Apr 18986 Apr 2002 (103)(Pennsylvania) US Army.[9]
Rice, Philip E.16 Oct 189723 Jan 2002 (104)(Connecticut) Served in the U.S. Navy as a signal flagman aboard the USS Agamemnon 1917-1919.[143][144]
Rogers, Charles W.5 May 190021 Jan 2002 (101)(Georgia) Served in France.[19][145]
Roth, Louis B.25 Sep 189525 Apr 2002 (106)(Louisiana) US Army.[9]
Rutkowsky, Ernest E.11 Sep 189727 Apr 2002 (104)(Connecticut) Private, US Army.[9]
Schlappig, William G.4 Aug 189514 Jan 2002 (106)(Pennsylvania) Sergeant, US Army.[146]
Shafer, Alonzo8 Oct 189921 Jul 2002 (102)(Missouri) Served in France.[19][147]
Shirley, George Ernest8 Nov 189815 Apr 2002 (103)(Missouri) Private, US Marine Corps. Enlisted May 1918.[9]
Sickerson, John F.13 Feb 19022 Dec 2002 (100)(New York) Enlisted underage. Served in France.[19][148]
Smith, Clyde B.7 Jan 189919 Oct 2002 (103)(Michigan) Last known veteran from Michigan to have served overseas.[19][149]
Spiro, David8 Nov 189813 Aug 2002 (103)(Mississippi) US Navy bugler 1917-1919. Served aboard USS Martha Washington and USS Kentucky.[150]
Stone, Elmer Edward11 May 18972 Jul 2002 (105)(Oregon) US Navy.[9]
Streeter, Gustav A.29 Sep 189512 Jan 2002 (106)(Indiana) Wounded on the Western Front.[19][151][152]
Swedenborg, Edward A.26 Feb 18954 Feb 2002 (106)(Wyoming)[153]
Swilley, Bryan27 Dec 189614 Mar 2002 (105)(Missouri) US Army.[9]
Talbott, Francis J. (Frank)16 Jun 189624 Sep 2002 (106)(Maryland) Served in France.[19]
Thomas, Albert J.19 May 189620 Feb 2002 (105)(Ohio) Served in France.[19][154]
Tobin, Robert7 Jun 189730 Jan 2002 (104)(Texas) Served in France.[19][155]
Townsend, Bertus J.14 Oct 190012 Dec 2002 (102)(Massachusetts) US Marine Corps[9]
Trinin, George14 Jun 18983 Apr 2002 (103)(New York) Sergeant, US Army. Enlisted October 1918 and still in training when the war ended[9]
Van Sickle, George W.10 Mar 189910 Apr 2002 (103)(Missouri) Engineman 1st Class US Navy. Enlisted December 1917.[9]
Weisinger, Nathan20 Oct 189430 Jun 2002 (107)(Connecticut)[156]
White, Vinton E.26 Jun 189911 Mar 2002 (102)(Massachusetts) US Army.[9]
York, Eunis R.5 Feb 190024 Oct 2002 (102)(Tennessee) US Army.[9]
Zeitz, Jack2 Feb 189917 Aug 2002 (103)(New York) Private, US Army.[9]

World War I-era veterans - 3 veterans

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "WWI", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

Estonia (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Tilk, Voldemar Georg23 Dec 189726 May 2002 (104) Fought in the Estonian War of Independence Nov 1918 – Feb 1920. Died in Canada.[157] et:Voldemar Tilk

United States (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Clayborne, Wesley9 Apr 190015 Oct 2002 (102)(Maryland) US Navy. Enlisted July 1919.[9]
Hoppes, Alice McGuire14 Mar 189326 Nov 2002 (109)(Kentucky) A nurse who served two tours with the US Navy in 1919.[158]

Totals - 220 veterans

  • Verified veterans - 217
  • World War I-Era veterans - 3

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Template:Lists of WWI veteran deaths

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