The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2003.

Veterans by country of service - 172 veterans

Australia (4 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Abraham, Eric KingsleySapper, 5th Signals Co, Australian Imperial Force20 Apr 189820 Mar 2003 (104)Enlisted 1915 aged 17. Served at Villers-Bretonneux, Morlancourt, Amiens and Peronne.[3]
Dunford, Robert Joseph (Bob)Private, 1st Ammunition Column, Australian Imperial Force18988 May 2003 (104)Non combat. Arrived in France just as Armistice signed. Spent a year cleaning up battlefields.[4]
Folland, Vivian IceleyPrivate, 12th Brigade, 4th Division, Australian Imperial Force189813 May 2003 (104)Fought on the Western Front 1918. Also a World War II veteran.[5]
MacDonald, FrankPrivate, 40th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force26 Jun 189623 Aug 2003 (107)Enlisted 1916. Fought at Morlancourt. Awarded the Military Medal. Also a World War II veteran.[6]

Austria-Hungary/Czechoslovakia (2 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Vocásek, Alois13 Apr 18969 Aug 2003 (107)Ethnic Czech and Czech Republic's oldest man at his death. Deserted the Austria-Hungarian army to fight for the Czech Legion for independence. Last survivor of the Battle of Zborov, Ukraine 1917.[7]
Novy, Ernst Elias 16 Nov 1897 13 May 2003 (105) Died in Germany

Barbados (1 veteran)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Blackman, GeorgePrivate, 4th British West Indies Regt.1898Mar 2003 (105)Enlisted 1914. Fought on the Western Front and in Italy where he loaded supplies.[1]WO372/2[8][9]

Belgium (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Vuylsteke-Spruyt, Marie-Marthe22 Dec 189518 Jun 2003 (107) A nurse in the Belgian Army. Last Belgian female veteran.

Canada (11 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Baldwin, Iden HerbertLance Corporal, 28th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary ForceNov 189731 Jan 2003 (105)Enlisted 1915. Fought at Vimy Ridge. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.[10]
Botterell, Henry John LawrenceFlight Lieutenant, 208 Squadron, Royal Air Force7 Nov 18963 Jan 2003 (106)Last surviving RNAS pilot, having enlisted in that body in 1916. Flew patrols and dogfights over France. See entry.
Gard, John44th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force2 Nov 189414 Jul 2003 (108)Born in England. Enlisted 1916, served in France.[2] [11][3]
Lewis, HaroldPrivate, 8th Field Engineers, Canadian Expeditionary Force1901Dec 2003 (102)Enlisted aged 16. Fought at Ypres and Passchendaele, where he was wounded, his real age discovered and discharged.[12]
Lewis, Gerald Myer (Jerry)Private, Motor Transport Unit, Canadian Expeditionary Force 2 Jul 189915 Oct 2003 (104)Non combat. Served in England as an army lorry driver. Served in World War II as an aviation storekeeper for the US Navy. Died USA.[13]
Manson, Arthur BennettGunner, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Garrison Artillery 5 Mar 18994 Jan 2003 (103)Enlisted aged 17. Served behind the line on the Western Front tending the horses that pulled the artillery pieces.[14]
Martin, CyrilPrivate, Canadian Field Railway, Canadian Expeditionary Force18 Feb 19002003 (102)Born in England. Enlisted aged 15 as a boy bugler and served on the Western Front as a runner. Later a minister and served in World War II as an army chaplain.[15][16]
Powell, Francis Clement24 Nov 18973 Jan 2003 (105)Enlisted April 1918.[4][5]
Radford, Harold EdwinPrivate, Nova Scotia Regiment, Canadian Expeditionary Force22 Jul 18977 Nov 2003 (106)Non combat. Enlisted 1918 but still in training when war ended. Posted to Vladivostok as a peacekeeper in the Russian Civil War 1918-1919.[17]
Reaper, CharlesPrivate, 39th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force27 Jul 18991 Mar 2003 (103)Born in Scotland, emigrated to Canada 1915, enlisted 1916. Fought at Passchendaele and believed to be the last survivor of Vimy Ridge: some information
Thompson, Archie (Clearstack)Sapper, Canadian Expeditionary Force30 Nov 18952 Sep 2003 (107)Born in Ireland. Non combat, served in England on secondment to the Royal Engineers.[18]

France (38 veterans)

See also Joseph Gillman under Germany.

Name Born Died Notes
Audin, Gabriel31 May 189715 Feb 2003 (105)[6]
Barthe, Louis11 Apr 18983 Jun 2003 (105)[6]
Bois, Léon1 Jan 18977 Feb 2003 (106)[6]
Bourgeois, Maurice27 Nov 18962 Jan 2003 (106)Last surviving French army officer of World War I. Fought with the 46e RI Front d’Argonne at Verdun (wounded), Chemin des Dames and Aisne. Taken prisoner by the Germans. Remained in army and reached the rank of General.[6]
Cahé, Pierre26 Jun 189917 May 2003 (103)[6]
Cahen, Roger2 Dec 18966 Jul 2003 (106)[6]
Charnoudie, Jean-Paul190029 Jul 2003 (103)[6]
Cornu, Henri30 Apr 189625 March 2003 (106)[6]
Danno, François24 Oct 189826 Oct 2003 (105)[6]
Dervout, Yves25 Sep 189617 Jan 2003 (106)[6]
Douldat, Louis Alexis19 Aug 189618 Aug 2003 (106)[6]
Douriaux, Maurice16 Dec 189820 Apr 2003 (104)Conscripted 1917. Fought at the 2nd Battle of the Marne. Later a military doctor.[6]
Dumoussaud, Adrien15 Oct 189712 May 2003 (105)[6]
Estratat, Marius27 Sep 189723 Dec 2003 (106)[6]
Fischer, Paul14 Feb 189814 Sep 2003 (105)Conscripted 1917. Wounded in Flanders 1918. Awarded the Croix de Guerre. Later a distinguished palaeontologist. Died Australia.[6]
Gérard, Jean Léopold 16 Oct 189813 March 2003 (104)Served with the 105e RI.[6]
Jambon, Henri Ulysse13 Jan 18983 March 2003 (105)Served as a medical orderly until he was gassed and invalided out of the war.[6]
Jarrot, Pierre François Joseph30 Apr 18963 Jul 2003 (107)[6]
Jones, André30 Aug 189916 Aug 2003 (103)Conscripted 1918 and served with the 21e RI and 3e RI Coloniale.[6]
Lacombe, Germain9 Apr 18984 Sep 2003 (105)[6]
Laurent, Henri28 May 189930 Jul 2003 (104)[6]
Madet, Maurice Joanny28 Oct 18988 Jul 2003 (104)Served with the 131e RI.[6]
Méoux, Omer31 Jan 189921 Feb 2003 (104)Conscripted 1918. Served in briefly on the Western Front and as a peacekeeper in the Russian Civil War.[6]
Monbey, André14 Oct 189912 Feb 2003 (103)[6]
Monnera, Henri15 Aug 189623 Apr 2003 (106)Fought at Verdun.[6]
Ortega, Emile17 May 18982 Jun 2003 (105)[6]
Pairon, Maurice29 Dec 18983 Dec 2003 (104)Conscripted 1917, serving with the 149e RI d’Epinal.[6]
Parrot, Joseph13 Apr 18963 Jul 2003 (107)[6]
Piry, Jean5 Jan 1896Mar 2003 (107)Born Hong Kong of a French father and Chinese mother. Fought in the Russian Civil War. Died Canada.[19]
Porcherot, Emile17 Jan 189715 Feb 2003 (106)Conscripted 1916. Served on the Somme with the 106e RI. Wounded twice. Awarded the Croix de Guerre.[6]
Pras, André26 Dec 189823 Jan 2003 (104)[6]
Puiservert, Jacques17 Dec 189817 Nov 2003 (104)[6]
Renaud, Gabriel14 March 189819 Jun 2003 (105)[6]
Rousseau, René17 March 18991 May 2003 (104)[6]
Schmitz, Louis6 Sep 189818 Feb 2003 (104)Conscripted 1918 and served as an engineer in the 1e and 9e Régiments de Génie.[6]
Seigneuray, André4 Sep 18983 Jan 2003 (104)[6]
Tachy, Jean22 Sep 189816 May 2003 (104)[6]
Vernay, Joseph3 Nov 1899Jan 2003 (103)[6]

Germany (10 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Andersen, Kurt Georg Heinrich2 Oct 18989 Jan 2003 (104)General in WWII, and holder of the Knight's Cross: Georg Heinrich Andersen
Baumgarten, Franz25 Jan 189523 Mar 2003 (108)Held as a POW in France until 1920; also World War II Veteran.[7]
Gehling, Rudolf17 Oct 189621 Oct 2003 (107)Enlisted 1917, fought at Verdun; also World War II Veteran.[8]
Gillmann, Joseph2 Feb 189523 Nov 2003 (108)Born in Alsace-Lorraine. Conscripted into the German army. Died in France.[6]
Kling, Karl1 Dec 1897Mar 2003 (105)Taken prisoner by the British.
Ost, Kurt26 Jan 189729 Mar 2003 (106)Fought in France.
Reimann, Wilhelm15 Nov 189616 Dec 2003 (107)[20]
Schlag, Otto6 Jan 189712 Sep 2003 (106)Fought in France - amongst others Reims and Verdun.[6][21]
Siefert, Jakob8 Feb 189522 Jun 2003 (108) [22]
von Hippel, Arthur Robert19 Nov 189831 Dec 2003 (105)Later a renowned molecular engineer and co-developer of radar. Died USA.[23]

Italy (5 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Frau, Giovanni29 Dec 189019 Jun 2003 (112)[24]
Gallo, Michele11 May 189629 December 2003 (107)
Marcucci, Attilio (Leo)17 Feb 189917 Jul 2003 (104)Served 1916-1919. Died USA.[25]
Strauss, Victor E.3 Jun 189811 Sep 2003 (105)Born in Uruguay, died USA. A German POW for the last 15 months of the war.[26]
Laino, Giovanni26 Dec 1899May 2003 (103)[27]
Pagano, Giuseppe2 Sept 1898July 2003 (105)Italian Navy from Isla Ponza, 1917 transferred to Marines - Knight of Vittorio Venito.

New Zealand (1 veteran)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Williams, Bright ErnestPrivate, New Zealand (Rifle) Brigade27 Feb 189713 Feb 2003 (105)Last New Zealand veteran. Enlisted in 1916 and served as a messenger. Fought at Messines and Ypres where he was wounded.[28]

Poland (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Salecki, Jozef Marek1902January 26, 2003 (100) [29]
Wadas, Jan1899February 5, 2003 (103) Last veteran of the Silesian Uprisings

Portugal (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Ladeira, José Luis6 Oct 18955 May 2003 (107)Last Portuguese veteran.[9]

Puerto Rico (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Castro-Roldan, Reyes16 Jan 189615 Dec 2003 (107)Private, US Army.[10]

Russia (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Leniec, Ludwik25 Aug 18962003 (106)Ethnic Pole conscripted into the Russian army: [30] [31] [32]

Thailand (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Sangrungruang, Yod18979 Oct 2003 (106)Last of the 1,284 members of the Royal Siam Expeditionary Force who fought in World War I. Served for 15 months in France as an air mechanic.[33][34]

Turkey (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Zorlu, Huseyin189924 Sep 2003 (104)Enlisted 1918. Also fought in the Turkish war of independence.[35][36]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (34 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Austin, HaroldRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve12 Aug 1900Jul 2003 (102)[11]ADM 337/1-108[37]
Bailey, Henry Thomas EdwinPrivate, Royal Marine Artillery29 Sep 1900Jul 2003 (102)Non combat. Enlisted 1st Nov 1918 and still in training.[12]ADM 159[38]
Bishop, Roderick JohnRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve1 Sep 1900Mar 2003 (102)[11]ADM 337/1-108[39]
Brown, Walter JamesPrivate, Army1 Apr 1901Apr 2003 (102)Non-combat. Enlisted underage and based in London loading horses and mules for shipping to the Western Front.[13][40]
Clifford, Arthur Richard PelePrivate, 11th (Lambeth) Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)9 Feb 1899Feb 2003 (103)Served in France as an infantryman, and then as an actor in concert parties.[1]WO372/4[41]
Cockell, Charles William9 Dec 1901Jan 2003 (101)Non combat.[42][43]
Collins, John Walter JPrivate, Machine Gun Corps17 Oct 1898Jan 2003 (104)Enlisted underage. Fought on the Somme and at Arras, survived being gassed.[1]WO372/4[44]
Cranfield, Margaret JaneQueen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps21 Jan 1897Sep 2003 (106)[14][45]
Davies, William BernardPrivate, South Wales Borderers & King’s Shropshire Light Infantry23 Mar 1900Apr 2003 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the South Wales Borderers & King’s Shropshire Light Infantry regiments.[14][46]
Davis, John Edward (Jack)Private, 6th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry1 Mar 189520 Jul 2003 (108)Enlisted in 1914. Fought at Ypres.[47][48]
Eldridge, George FrederickPrivate, Royal Marine Light Infantry22 Jul 1899Sep 2003 (104)Served aboard HMS Campania, a supply ship carrying spotter planes in the North Sea.[14][49]
Gibbs, Alexander HenrySteward, Royal Navy16 Aug 1898Oct 2003 (105)Enlisted 1915.[15]ADM 188/1001[50]
Golder, RichardPrivate, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)26 Mar 1899Jan 2003 (103)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal West Kent Regiment. Enlisted in 1916. Fought at Lens and Lille. Wounded in action.[1]WO372/8[51]
Gutteridge, RichardPrivate, Army21 Feb 1900Apr 2003 (103)[1]WO372/8[52]
Haynes, Frank CharlesOrdinary Seaman, Royal Navy26 Sep 1899Oct 2003 (104)Enlisted 1917.[15]ADM 188/800[53]
Humphrys, WalterPrivate, 1/15th (County of London) London Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own Civil Service Rifles)5 Sep 189716 Apr 2003 (105)Last Welsh veteran. Served as a stretcher bearer at Messines and as a Lewis gunner. A POW for the last 8 months of the war.[1]WO372/10[54][55]
Ivers, Frank WilliamBoy 2nd Class, Royal Navy21 Mar 1902Apr 2003 (101)Served in the Mediterranean and off northern Russia. Survived the sinking of his ship.[14][56]
Leach, Walter JohnPrivate, 52nd (Graduated) Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)16 Jun 19001 Dec 2003 (103)Non combat. Enlisted in December 1917 but never posted overseas.[57][58]
Leonard, George Conrad2nd Lieutenant, Middlesex Regiment10 Oct 189819 Apr 2003 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the Middlesex Regiment. Later a well-known pianist and composer. See entry.[59]
Malivoire, Albert GeorgePrivate, North Staffordshire Regiment & Royal Guernsey Light Infantry23 Jul 189815 Jan 2003 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the North Staffordshire Regiment and Royal Guernsey Light Infantry. Conscripted in 1917. Fought at Ypres and Passchendaele.[14][60][61]
Morgan, Walter Thomas JamesStoker, Royal Navy5 Oct 190010 Feb 2003 (102)Non combat. Enlisted 1918 and served at HMS President research facility. Later a renowned biochemist.[15]ADM 188/646[62]
Morley, Robert FrancisRoyal Naval Air Service3 Nov 1900Jul 2003 (102)Enlisted 1917.[15]ADM 188/636[63]
Nind, FrederickRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve29 Jul 1900Oct 2003 (103)Last known surviving veteran of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.[11]ADM 337/1-108[64]
Nobbs, William HenryPrivate, Machine Gun Corps5 Oct 1897Sep 2003 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Machine Gun Corps. Conscripted in 1917. Fought on the Somme and at Passchendaele. Invalided home in 1918.[1]WO372/14[65]
Polkinghorn, HenryGunner, Royal Field Artillery4 Dec 1898Apr 2003 (104)[1]WO372/16[66]
Porteous, Norman Walker2nd Lieutenant, 13th Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)9 Sep 18983 Sep 2003 (104)Last surviving British army officer to see combat. Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Scots. Later an eminent Old Testament scholar. See entry.
Sharpe, Harold BormanPrivate, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)30 Mar 1900Jan 2003 (102)Last known Great War combat veteran of the Sherwood Foresters. Served as a medical orderly on the Western Front.[67][68]
Thomson, Douglas Charles "Tommy"Private, 2nd Honourable Artillery Company & Royal Sussex Regiment25 Jun 189811 Aug 2003 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Honourable Artillery Company. Remained in the army and reached the rank of Lt Colonel. Also served in World War II.[69][70]
Warner, John Patrick (Jack)Merchant Navy29 Mar 190028 Jan 2003 (102)Also a World War II veteran.[71][72]
Weatherston, Jose Rafael Martin Douglas (Douglas)Sergeant, British Latin American Volunteers11 Nov 189714 Nov 2003 (106)Last known Great War veteran of the BLAV. Born Mexico, died USA. Non-combat, served in Canada 1918. In training as an RAF pilot when war ended.[73]
Winfield, FrankBoy Bandsman, Lincolnshire Regiment10 Oct 1901Nov 2003 (102)Last known Great War veteran of the Lincolnshire Regiment. Joined up as a drummer aged 14. Served as a stretcher bearer on the Western Front.[74][75]
Wood, Robert BullerPrivate, Army12 Jul 1900May 2003 (102)Non-combat. Served in Ireland.[13][76]
Woolis, BenjaminAble Seaman, Royal Navy13 Jun 189816 Dec 2003 (105)Served on HMS Royal Oak.[15]ADM 339/1[77][78]
Young, Sidney FrancisPrivate, King's Royal Rifle Corps4 Sep 1899Aug 2003 (103)[1]WO372/16[79]

United States (58 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Abram, Henry5 Jan 18967 Dec 2003 (107)(Alabama) Served in France.[80]
Anthony, Floyd17 Oct 18959 Mar 2003 (107)(Indiana) Corporal, US Army.[10]
Balan, Leoncio15 Feb 189910 Apr 2003 (104)(Hawaii)[81][82]
Bennett, Jasper (Jack)3 Jan 18937 May 2003 (110)(Georgia) Seaman 1st Class, US Navy, 1917-1919. Stationed in Ireland, he repaired US Air Corps aircraft.[83]
Bertholf, Lloyd M.15 Dec 189920 Jan 2003 (103)(Illinois) Non combat. Served with the coastal artillery at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Later a renowned biologist.[84][85]
Boyd, Dewey17 Feb 189924 Mar 2003 (104)(Wisconsin) Also served in World War II.[86][87]
Brown, William Daniel23 Aug 189412 Oct 2003 (109)(Nevada) Seconded to a French infantry unit with other black soldiers as US army still segregated. Repaired barbed wire defences on the front line of the Western Front 1918.[88]
Burau, Harry T.3 Dec 189914 Jun 2003 (103)(Minnesota) Non combat. Still in training when war ended.[89]
Carr, Leroy28 Nov 189918 Apr 2003 (103)(Texas) Private, US Army. Enlisted April 1918.[10]
Cohen, Irving M.11 Nov 189913 Dec 2003 (104)(Colorado) Private, US Army. Enlisted March 1918.[10]
Cole, Willie23 Sep 18972 Mar 2003 (105)(New Jersey) Served in France.[16][90]
Colon Francisco20 Jan 189521 May 2003 (108)(New York) Private, US Army. Enlisted July 1918.[10]
Cook, Charley Newton28 May 189620 Dec 2003 (107)(Alabama) Served in the US Navy on a cruiser escorting troop ships to France.[91]
Coolbaugh, Stanley W.11 Aug 189821 Jan 2003 (104)(Virginia) Last known veteran from Virginia to have served overseas.[16][92]
Crain, Donald Frank6 March 189816 Feb 2003 (104)Served as an air mechanic with the Army Signal Corps in England.[93]
Crooks, William R.4 Aug 189315 Feb 2003 (109)(Ohio) Non combat. Still in training as an air force pilot at the Armistice.[94]
Crowther, Albert B.10 Sep 189816 Apr 2003 (104) (Texas) Served in France.[16][95]
Dabney, Virgil C.2 Dec 189928 Sep 2003 (103)(Texas) Non combat. Conscripted into the US Army from the Corps of Cadets, September 1918.[96][97]
Dandos, Peter N.7 Jan 189614 Mar 2003 (107)(Wisconsin) Born Petros Dandulakos in Crete. Served in France. Last known Greek-born World War I veteran.[16][98]
Davis, Leon P.6 Jul 189611 Apr 2003 (106)(Vermont) Last known veteran from Vermont to have served overseas.[16][99]
Del Vecchia, Vincent J.6 Feb 190019 Mar 2003 (103)(New York) Private, US Army. Enlisted October 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[10]
Deming, Floyd5 May 189431 Oct 2003 (109)(Illinois) Non combat. Enlisted June 1918 and served Stateside with 214th Infantry, K Company, US Army.[100]
Edmisten, Jesse N.16 Jan 189417 Jan 2003 (109)(Nebraska) Won the Legion of Merit by wiping out a machine gun nest at Château Thierry in 1918 and diving on an exploding shell.[101][102]
Farmer, Charles A.21 Jan 18968 Mar 2003 (107)(Missouri) Served in France.[16][103]
Gamble, Edward Beeler30 Nov 18991 Aug 2003 (103)(Arizona) Enlisted in US Navy 1918 and trained as a wireless operator. Also served in World War II, reaching the rank of Commander.[104][105]
Garrison, Will J.10 May 189817 Apr 2003 (104)(Colorado) Last known veteran from Colorado to have served overseas.[16][106]
Goodman, Louis18 Jan 189716 Sep 2003 (106)Born Ukraine, emigrated to the USA as a child. Served as a medical orderly in France.[107]
Goss, Frank Alden13 Apr 189811 Aug 2003 (105)(Oklahoma) US Army.[10]
Grimes, George D.19 Jan 189728 Mar 2003 (106)(Pennsylvania) Last known veteran from Pennsylvania to have served overseas.[16][108]
Gunnes, Harold6 Feb 189911 Mar 2003 (104)(Oregon) US Navy, Template:USS, attached 339th Division, US Army. Last known veteran of the North Russian Expeditionary Force, Aug 1918 to Jun 1919.[109][110]
Hansen, Lawrence L.2 Dec 189622 Mar 2003 (106)(Illinois) Private, US Army.[10]
Hayden, Basil E.19 May 18999 Jan 2003 (103)(Kentucky) Non combat. Served Stateside only.[111]
Hodges, Robert18 Jun 189710 Nov 2003 (106) (North Carolina) Non combat. Enlisted 1917. Served with A Co., 702nd Stevedore Battalion unloading supplies for American troops in France after the Armistice. [112][113]
Hoodenpyle, Henry Earl (Early) 26 Feb 189424 Jul 2003 (109)(Tennessee) Served Stateside as a wagon master.[114]
Huber, Elmer6 Sep 189714 Aug 2003 (105)(Ohio) In France from September 1918 planning and building a base hospital. Last known veteran from Ohio to have served overseas.[16][115][116]
Hurley, Thomas28 Apr 18992 Jun 2003 (104)(Missouri) Served in France.[16][117]
Imburgia, Basilio18 Jan 18958 Feb 2003 (108)(New Jersey) Born in Italy. Fought and wounded in the Argonne offensive.[16][118][119]
Kennedy, Daniel O' Madigan5 Mar 19007 Mar 2003 (103)(Missouri) Served in France. Also a World War II veteran.[16][120][121]
Kogut, Andrew T.26 Nov 19013 Dec 2003 (102)Non combat. Enlisted aged 16 and spent the war patrolling the Texas border.[122]
Kuchera, Victor Milo5 Jun 19001 Jan 2003 (102)(Minnesota) Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy.[10]
Leroy, Wade Hubert14 Mar 189924 Apr 2003 (104)(Washington) Served in France with Battery E, 65th Artillery Coast Artillery Corps from August 1917.[16][123][124]
Liddell, Willie C.1 Nov 189724 Nov 2003 (106)(Oklahoma) Chased Pancho Villa along the Mexican border as a National Guardsman. Later served in France and is the last known veteran from Oklahoma to have served overseas.[16][125][126]
Perkins, Lucius J.11 Mar 189727 Jul 2003 (106)(California) Served in France.[16][127]
Pogue, Lloyd Welch21 Oct 189910 May 2003 (103)(Washington DC) Last known Washington DC veteran. Non-combat, enlisted in US Student Army Training Corps. [128][129]
Rembert, John14 Jun 18946 Dec 2003 (109)(California) Private, US Army. Enlisted September 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[10]
Ross, Albert11 Oct 190130 Apr 2003 (101)
Schalla, John3 Mar 18978 May 2003 (106)(Wisconsin)[130]
Schulze, Raymond C. R.8 Aug 190017 Nov 2003 (103)(New Jersey) US Army.[10]
Sherman, John S.26 Aug 19001 Dec 2003 (103)(Pennsylvania) Served in France.[16][131]
Small, Andrew26 Dec 189131 Jan 2003 (111)(Wisconsin) Non-combat. Served Stateside.[132][133]
Smithson, Lawrence L.16 Oct 189625 Jan 2003 (106)(Missouri) Private, US Army.[10]
Stocker, William18 Mar 189629 Jan 2003 (106)(New Jersey) Served in France.[16][134]
Sunderman, Frederick William23 Oct 18989 Mar 2003 (104)(Pennsylvania) Non-combat. Later a renowned pathologist and musician.[135]
Thomas, Joseph Edgar10 Feb 189830 Dec 2003 (105)(Florida) US Navy.[10]
Vanmeter, Jerome R.15 Aug 190023 Apr 2003 (102)(West Virginia) Non combat. Still in training when the war ended.[136]
Werry, Ellwood Roberts13 Jul 189915 Aug 2003 (104)(Idaho) Non-combat. Assigned to the US Army Specialized Training Command.[137]
Woolsey, Emory J.7 Aug 19007 Nov 2003 (103)(New Jersey) US Navy. Also a World War II veteran.[10]
Yattaw, Walter M.4 Apr 18988 Feb 2003 (104)(Vermont)

World War I-era veterans - 3 veterans

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "WWI", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

Estonia (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Ilves, Eduard-Aleksander29 Jan 189929 Apr 2003 (104)Fought in the Estonian War of Independence Nov 1918 – Feb 1920.[138][139][140]

Puerto Rico (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Gerena-Rivera, Francisco9 Sep 189816 Dec 2003 (105)Private, US Army. Enlisted November 1919.[10]

United States (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Fowler, Gary James5 Nov 189926 Dec 2003 (104)(California) US Navy. Enlisted March 1919. Also served in World War II in the rank of Lieutenant.[10]

Totals - 175 veterans

  • Verified veterans - 172
  • World War I-Era veterans - 3

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