Template:Use dmy dates The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2005.

Veterans by country of service – 96 veterans

On 25 October 2005, William Evan Allan received the Australian state funeral,[1] as John Campbell Ross did not see active service.

Australia (4 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Allan, William Evan CrawfordAble Seaman, Royal Australian Navy24 July 189917 October 2005 (106)Served aboard HMAS Encounter. See entry.
Bennion, GilbertCorporal, 5th Reinforcements, Australian Imperial Force1 October 189827 January 2005 (106)Non combat. Enlisted August 1918, still in training when war ended.[4]
Casserly, PeterPrivate, 2nd, 5th & 16th Railway Transport Units, Australian Imperial Force28 January 189824 June 2005 (107)Last Australian combat veteran. Enlisted 1917 and served as a railwayman and a sapper at Ypres, Armentieres and Amiens. See entry.
McCoy, Kara MoserNurse, ANZAC Corps15 August 189817 January 2005 (106)Born England, died California. Last known female veteran of the Australian armed forces. Enlisted underage in 1914, and served on hospital ships tending the wounded on their long sea voyages home.[5][6]

Austria-Hungary (5 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Gillarduzzi, Teofilo6 June 189911 November 2005 (106)Born in Cortina d'Ampezzo, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914–18, but later part of Italy.[2]
Karwowski, Franciszek10 December 189512 April 2005 (109)Ethnic Pole. Also a veteran of the Polish-Bolveshik War (1919–1920) and World War II, in which he fought for both the German Wehrmacht and the Russian Red Army.[3]
Marek, Karol19007 February 2005 (105)Ethnic Pole.
Pajaczkowski, Jerzy Casimir19 July 18946 December 2005 (111)Ethnic Pole. Conscripted 1914. Fought as a sergeant on the Italian Front. Captured by the Italians at the end of the war. Joined the Polish army afterwards reaching the rank of Colonel. Died in the UK. See entry.
Skabar, Tony18 October 190017 December 2005 (105)Born in Ukraine, died in Canada.

Canada (3 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Gionet, LazarePrivate, Canadian Army6 August 18961 April 2005 (108)Non combat. Enlisted 1916, but did not serve overseas.[7]
Laking, Clarence (Clare)Private, 27th Battery, 4th Brigade, Canadian Expeditionary Force21 February 189926 November 2005 (106)Last Canadian combat veteran. Enlisted 1916. Served as a signaller on the Western Front. See entry.
Procter, William (Duke)Private, 172nd Battalion (Rocky Mountain Rangers), Canadian Expeditionary Force18 August 189914 December 2005 (106)Non combat. Served in England, cutting timber. See entry.

France (8 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Binet, Charles Marie Nicolas16 September 18962 February 2005 (108)[4]
Boucaud, Claude-Marie12 August 189517 May 2005 (109)Conscripted 1914. Fought with the 133e RI de Bellay at Mont Curlu (wounded) and Chemin des Dames.[4]
Debry, André Léon Alphonse15 June 189831 August 2005 (107)Conscripted into the artillery in 1917. Fought in the Aisne and Picardie offensives of 1918. See entry.[4]
Lavrand, André Jean10 October 190028 September 2005 (104)Conscripted 1918.[4]
Moreau, René Marie-Martial8 September 189726 October 2005 (108)Conscripted 1916. Officer cadet, 121e RA. Last survivor of the Battle of Verdun. Awarded the Croix de Guerre for bravery.[4]
Navarre, Léon2 August 189925 April 2005 (105)Conscripted 1917 into the artillery.[4]
Piton, Albert12 October 189813 January 2005 (106)Joined the 2eme RA in 1917, wounded 1918.[4]
Tendil, Alexis12 August 18965 October 2005 (109)Radio operator with the 8e Engineering Regiment. See entry.[4]

Germany (11 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Börker, Friedrich11 July 190021 October 2005 (105)[4]
Carl, Josef29 October 189910 November 2005 (106)Fought with the infantry in Poland[5]
Dörnemann, Hermann27 May 18932 March 2005 (111)Fought on the Western Front, where he was wounded. See entry.
Häßler, Fritz Otto Erich22 April 18992 December 2005 (106)See entry.
Kuentz, Charles18 February 18977 April 2005 (108)Born in Alsace-Lorraine. Conscripted into the German army 1916 and served on both the Western and Eastern Fronts. The last ‘French’ German veteran of World War I. Also a World War II veteran. See entry.
Person, Kurt24 April 189823 February 2005 (106)
Rösch, Johann24 March 189825 April 2005 (107)[4]
Rzepa, Jan14 June 189923 March 2005 (105)Ethnic Pole conscripted into the German army. Fought with the RIR 12, Reserve Brandenburg 12th Grenadiers, 5. Reserve Division. Wounded at Verdun 1917, the last Polish veteran of the Polish Uprising 1919.[8][9] pl:Jan Rzepa
Schweim, Otto Nicolaus27 April 18979 September 2005 (108) [10]Template:Dead link
Steinkamp, Christian27 February 190024 July 2005 (105)
Van Sloten, Bertc. 1900Sep 2005 (105)Born in the Netherlands, died in the UK. Fought with the German air force in World War I, winning the Iron Cross, and with the Royal Air Force in World War II, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross.[11]

Italy (20 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Alfano, Carmine14 September 18965 February 2005 (108)[12]
Barbero, Luigi12 April 18998 February 2005 (105)[13]
Barni, Arnaldo2 June 189919 November 2005 (106)[2]
Bonomini, Paolo22 May 18989 December 2005 (107)[2]
Consigli, Avellino5 July 189811 October 2005 (107)
Della Pietra, Lina21 September 190128 October 2005 (104)[6]
Denaro, Giuseppe13 October 190010 July 2005 (104)
Di Nardo, Antonio10 November 18983 May 2005 (106)
Di Rocco, Giuseppe7 February 18992005 (105–106)Died in the USA.[7]
Di Santo, Benedetto26 September 18995 April 2005 (105)[14]
Ledda, Luciano22 January 189814 August 2005 (107)
Pietro, Micheletti18 October 190025 March 2005 (104) Party volunteer in 1917, was drafted in the body of Arditi, 4 November 1918 entered in Vittorio Veneto, fifty years after he was given the same name knighthood
Monni, Marino2 May 189920 June 2005 (106)
Orelli, Carlo23 December 189422 January 2005 (110)Italy’s oldest man at his death. See entry.
Ossino, Cirino4 September 189815 July 2005 (106)
Paoloni, Romolo30 May 18992 May 2005 (105)[15]
Rava, Luigi9 September 189719 September 2005 (108)
Roffinella, Secondo3 May 189826 October 2005 (107)Fought in an Alpine regiment at the Battle of Caporetto and taken prisoner.
Santo, Ambulo25 August 19006 February 2005 (104)[16]
Sini, Francesco29 July 189930 May 2005 (105)

Poland (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Twarowski, Zygmunt13 September 19032005 (101–102)Also fought in the Polish-Bolshevik War 1919–1920: [17]
Zimmer, Stanisław19021 November 2005 (103)

Puerto Rico (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Vega-Jimenez, Salomon9 May 189818 March 2005 (106)Private, US Army.[8]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (16 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Anderson, AlfredSergeant, 1/5th (Angus & Dundee) Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)25 June 189621 November 2005 (109)Last 'Old Contemptible.' See entry.[18]
Butcher, Stephen GrahamBoy Bandsman, Royal Marines2 January 1904Dec 2005 (101)Enlisted aged 13. Served aboard HMS Hyacinth. See entry.
Brooks, WalterPrivate, 77th Distribution Battalion2 October 1900Feb 2005 (104)Enlisted 16 October 1918 and still in training when the war ended.[9][19]
Caley, William HenryStoker, Royal Navy25 September 1899Feb 2005 (105)Enlisted 1918.[10]ADM 188/1124[20]
Clark, BertPrivate, Northamptonshire Regiment20 November 189921 January 2005 (104)Last known Great War veteran of the Northamptonshire Regiment. Non combat.[11]
Dickinson, Joseph Frederick (Fred)Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy4 March 189917 January 2005 (105)Torpedo operator on HMS Warrior.[12]
Elder, WilliamGunner, Royal Garrison Artillery5 May 189722 June 2005 (108)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Garrison Artillery. Fought on the Somme and first two battles of Ypres.[21]
Finnigan, Alfred BenjaminDriver, 15th Royal Field Artillery18 September 189611 May 2005 (108)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Field Artillery. Lead driver in six-man horse team. See entry.[22]
Hardy, George HenryPrivate, 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons2 December 189922 January 2005 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Dragoons. Non combat.[11]
Lawton, Harold WalterCorporal, 1/4th East Yorkshire Regiment27 July 189924 December 2005 (106) Last known Great War veteran of the East Yorkshire Regiment. See entry.[23]
Lloyd, Charles FrederickGunner, Royal Field Artillery23 February 189828 April 2005 (107)Served in veterinary division.[24]
Lloyd, Arthur Henry (Harry)Private, Royal Flying Corps17 June 190022 June 2005 (105)Non combat. Enlisted underage, served as an aircraft fitter.[25]
Marshall, Albert Elliot (Smiler)Private, 1/1st Essex Yeomanry & Machine Gun Corps15 March 189716 May 2005 (108)Last British cavalryman of the Great War. See entry.[26]
Rice, George Francis1/5th Durham Light Infantry & 1st & 2/5th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)18 June 189717 September 2005 (108)Last known Great War veteran of the West Riding Regiment. Served as a Lewis gunner on the Western Front.[27]
Watson, Charles Alfred W. (Chuck)Sergeant, 11th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps16 November 18991 January 2005 (105)Aircraft navigator. Last surviving airman to have been shot down.[11][13]
Withers, Cecil ClarencePrivate, 1st Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) & Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)8 June 189817 April 2005 (106)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Fusiliers and Royal West Surrey Regiments. Enlisted underage. Wounded at Arras.[28]

United States (26 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Boice, Harold Frank8 September 18977 October 2005 (108)(New York) Enlisted 1917. Served as a private in telegraph battalion. In France only for a few days; en route to the Front when the Armistice was declared.[29]
Briant, George L.3 March 190131 January 2005 (103)(Louisiana) Served in France and awarded the Legion of Honour.[4]
Brush, Earl F.17 July 189310 January 2005 (111)(California)
Chapman, Homer Dwight4 October 18984 April 2005 (106)(California) Non combat. In training with the Student Army Training Corps 1918.[30]
Cook, Arthur E.4 May 189524 March 2005 (109)(Kansas) Served in France and awarded the Legion of Honour.
Crist, Ray H.8 March 190023 July 2005 (105)(New York) Non-combat. Served in the Student Army Training Corps. Later worked on the Manhattan Project that developed the nuclear bomb.
Elliott, Sr., John Paul6 February 189914 January 2005 (105)(California) Enlisted in the US Navy aged 17 as a pharmacist’s mate on the USS Texas. Patrolled the North Sea and the Baltic, and was present at the surrender of the German fleet 1919. Also a World War II veteran.[31]
Fiala, Arthur (Art)17 February 189923 November 2005 (106)(Wisconsin) Non combat. Served in France 1918 with 20th Engineering Battalion as a wood cutter and cook. See entry.
Grace, Rollin F. (Jack)11 March 190023 January 2005 (104)(Vermont). Non combat. Served Stateside with the 302nd Cavalry Regiment. [32]
Grill, Max24 April 19003 December 2005 (105)(New York) Served as a lieutenant in the US Army towards the end of the war.[33]
Hair, Joe Dollar11 October 18953 March 2005 (109)(Alabama)
Harrison, Michael13 December 18975 April 2005 (107)(California) US Army.[34]
Hendershott, Robert L.7 August 189823 March 2005 (106)(Florida). Non-combat. Served in the Officer Training Corps.[35]
Lane, Stanley1 October 190115 July 2005 (103)(Maryland) Non combat. Born Samuel Levine in Warsaw, emigating to the USA as a child. Enlisted in the US Cavalry aged 16, but served Stateside. Remained in the army, and served with the Quartermaster Corps in World War II and the Korean War, reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.[36]
Law, Reuben Walter14 August 18981 January 2005 (106)(Nevada) Sergeant, US Army. Served in France Oct–Nov 1918 transporting supplies and wounded soldiers behind the front line.[37]
Matthews, Mark7 August 18946 September 2005 (111)(North Carolina) Non combat. Based in the American West as a ‘Buffalo Soldier.’ See entry.
Mauss, Henry D.27 September 189830 May 2005 (106)(Missouri) Non-combat.[38]
Meyer, Charley H.13 May 189922 January 2005 (105)(Kansas) Non combat. Enlisted 1918 and served Stateside with a Motor Transport division.[39]
Myers, Kenneth18 April 189828 November 2005 (107)(Texas) A sailor, he served aboard the USS Oklahoma.[40]
Perkins, George Dewey10 March 18989 February 2005 (106)(Louisiana) Non combat. Enlisted in the US Marine Corps 1917. Struck down by Spanish Flu preventing his deployment to France.[41]
Rager, Dean L.22 December 189820 February 2005 (106)(Idaho) Private, US Army.[8]
Robb, Fred Eliot16 October 189628 March 2005 (108)(Missouri) Non combat. Enlisted in the US Marine Corps 1918, but illness prevented his deployment to France. Served as a Navy Chaplain in World War II. Brother of Jacob Robb (see Surviving Veterans of World War I who died in 2004).[42]
Smith, Harold M.2 August 19005 June 2005 (104)Non combat. Marine. Enlisted in the US Marine Corps aged 17, but was still in training when the war ended.[43]
Warner, Charles H.1 October 189925 January 2005 (105)(California)
Wells, Ed1 January 189711 December 2005 (108)(Mississippi)
Wilbur, Bertrand10 April 189931 March 2005 (105)(California)[44]

World War I-era veterans – 3 veterans

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "WWI", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

United Kingdom (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Rudd, Victor (Bob)28 April 190120 November 2005 (104)Enlisted on 5 May 1919 and served as a Private, 9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers, with the Army of Occupation until discharged in December 1919. Died in New Zealand.[45][46]

United States (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Ereñeta, Julio (Jay)2 January 190215 April 2005 (103)(California) Enlisted in the US Navy 1919 and served aboard a minesweeper clearing the North Sea.
Hileman, Warren V.29 September 190130 January 2005 (103) (Illinois) Served with the US Army Expeditionary Force in Siberia 1919–1920.

Totals – 99 veterans

  • Verified veterans – 96
  • World War I-Era veterans – 3

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