The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2006.

Veterans by country of service - 55 veterans

Austria-Hungary (3 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Bischof, August18 August 19004 March 2006 (105)Last Austrian veteran living in Austria.
Molnár, Gergely András16 November 189722 March 2006 (108)Last Hungarian born veteran, also World War II-veteran and oldest Hungarian man at his death.[2]
Parniak, Paweł27 February 1890?27 March 2006 (116?)Born in Ukraine, died in Poland. Served in the Austria-Hungarian army 1914-1918. His age claim was not verified at the time of his death. See entry.

Canada (2 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Trivett, Garnet Timothy Olden24 Apr 189529 Jan 2006 (110)Enlisted May 1918.[1][2]
Yerxa, Moses GuyPrivate, 1st Depot Battalion, New Brunswick Regiment, Canadian Expeditionary Force26 Jul 189526 Oct 2006 (111)Conscripted July 1918.[3][4][5]

France (5 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Floquet, Maurice Noël25 December 189410 November 2006 (111)Thrice-wounded combat veteran of the Marne, the Somme, Beausejour and Chemin des Dames. See entry.[6]
Gilson, Ferdinand10 October 189825 February 2006 (107)Conscripted 1917 into the 31e RI de Mamers. Fought as a Warrant Officer in Flanders with the 31eme RA. In the resistance in World War II.[7]
Jaffré, François28 May 190122 September 2006 (105)Enlisted in the navy 1916. Served as a wireless operator on the destroyer ‘Armorique’ escorting troop ships across the Atlantic.[3]
Lagarnaudie, Louis17 June 189926 October 2006 (107)Drafted April 1918. Due to bad memories of the war, refused to take part in later veteran ceremonies. Excluded from French government lists as it only counts those with more than three months of combat service.[8]


Weil, Léon Roger16 July 18966 June 2006 (109)Conscripted 1916 into the 5e Alpine regiment. Fought in the Battle of Chemin des Dames. A resistance fighter in World War II. See entry.[9]

Germany (10 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Appel, Otto16 October 190012 July 2006 (105)Enlisted 1917, was in Russia; also World War II-Veteran.[10]
Brandmeier, Franz Xaver16 July 18998 September 2006 (107)Enlisted in the navy 1917.[6]
Biehler, August28 August 189915 April 2006 (106)[10]
Binner, Erwin16 January 189926 March 2006 (107)Army veteran.[10]
Eis, Eduard22 March 189924 April 2006 (107)Served on the Western Front as an army lorry driver.[10]
Fuchs, Konrad15 October 189713 November 2006 (109)Conscripted into the army in 1916. Fought at the Battle of Chemin des Dames. Later a Catholic priest. See entry.[11][12]
Klöpper, Hans10 August 190010 September 2006 (106)
Neumann, Georg28 July 189921 June 2006 (106)Fought on horseback with a Hussars regiment on the Eastern Front.[10]
Solveen, Hermann20 February 189928 February 2006 (107)Enlisted 1916 and seriously wounded. Served in both World Wars.
Velten, Wilhelm2 September 189926 December 2006 (107)

Italy (10 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Boeddu, Luca18 March 18987 February 2006 (107)[13]
Camillo, Angelo Michele18 November 189917 July 2006 (106)Enlisted 1917. Fought with the 209th Infantry (Bisagno Brigade) at Asiago.[13]
Dal Maso, Evaristo9 August 189921 June 2006 (106)Died in Brazil.[13]
De Bettin Casanova, Antonia17 December 190015 October 2006 (105)Last female Italian veteran.[13]
De Cristofaro, Domenico21 November 189921 September 2006 (106)Enlisted 1917. Fought with the 4th Infantry regiment at Asiago and Piave. Wounded at the Battle of the Solstice 1918.[13]
Furoni, Mario23 November 189913 January 2006 (106)[13]
Gavagnin, Dante Guido17 September 18972 June 2006 (108)
Saravalle, Ido Giorgetto16 November 189931 March 2006 (106)Fought in an Alpine regiment.[13]
Sepe, Giuseppe13 March 19004 February 2006 (105)[13]
Zema, Carmelo17 September 189911 January 2006 (106)[13]

Turkey/Ottoman Empire (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Hoyuk, Omer 1899?13 January 2006 (106)[14]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (7 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Baker, AliceLeading Aircraftwoman, Royal Flying Corps28 July 1898 27 February 2006 (107)Non combat. Served as a 'doper' waterproofing aircraft wings.[15]
Cummins, Kenneth Alfred HugoMidshipman, Royal Navy3 March 190010 December 2006 (106)Last surviving British naval officer. Also a World War II veteran. See entry.[16][17]
Newcombe, Harry John Private, 8th Royal Sussex Regiment (Pioneers)5 August 190018 March 2006 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Royal Sussex Regiment. Non combat. In training when war ended. Served in Army of Occupation 1918-19. See entry.[18]
Newman, John JamesPrivate, 16th (County of London) London Regiment (Queen’s Westminster Rifles)15 January 19012006 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the London Regiment. Non combat. In training when war ended. Served in Army of Occupation 1918-19.[7]
Rigby, AndrewPrivate, 1st Lancashire Fusiliers2 November 19009 June 2006 (105)Last known Great War veteran of the Lancashire Fusiliers. Enlisted aged 14 and served for 3 months before real age discovered, so was never sent abroad. Later a monk.[19][20][21]
Roberts, William (Bill)Corporal, Royal Flying Corps29 September 190030 April 2006 (105)Non combat. Served as an aircraft rigger at Farnborough.[22][23]
Swarbrick, Nicholas JosephTelegraphist, Merchant Navy14 November 18982 February 2006 (107)Last surviving British merchant seaman. See entry.[24][25]

United States (17 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Anderegg, Albert29 August 19008 August 2006 (105)(Minnesota) Non combat. In training with the Student Army Training Corps Oct-Nov 1918. See entry.[26]
Anderson, Homer24 December 189723 September 2006 (108)(Florida) Non combat. Trained as an observer in the US Army Balloon Corps.[8]
Buchanan, Russell A.14 January 19006 December 2006 (106)(Massachusetts) Non combat. Served Stateside in the US Navy 1918. See entry.[27][28]
Cotton, William F. "Bill"23 October 189723 April 2006 (108)(Louisiana) Enlisted in the US Navy 1917. Served as a Chief Commissary Steward aboard USS Oklahoma. See entry.
Files, H. Loyd23 January 18998 August 2006 (107)(Colorado)[29]
Gardner, Harold Ford3 December 189816 October 2006 (107)(Pennsylvania) Served in the US Army for less than one day. See entry.[30]
Goldberg, Samuel Benedict19 March 190010 December 2006 (106)(Rhode Island) Non combat. Enlisted 1917, but remained Stateside as a drill instructor. See entry.
Hardy, Moses6 January 1893 (or 1894)7 December 2006 (113 or 112)(Mississippi) Served on the Western Front with the 805th Pioneer Infantry. See entry.[31]
Johnson, George1 May 189430 August 2006 (112)(California) Non combat. Drafted into the US Army 1917, but served Stateside with 14th Co, 154th Battalion. See entry.
Johnson, Lowell N.17 June 189910 March 2006 (106)(Illinois) Non combat. Still in training when the war ended.[32][33]
Lutz, William B.22 June 189926 March 2006 (106)(Massachusetts) Non combat. Served in US Marine Corps.[9]
Poor, Justin W.4 August 18993 April 2006 (106)(Florida)
Pusey, Ernest Charles5 May 189519 November 2006 (111)Enlisted in the US Navy 1917. Served aboard the USS Wyoming patrolling the waters around the British Isles. See entry.[34][35][36][37]
Simmons, Silas Joseph14 October 1895?29 October 2006 (111?)(Pennsylvania) Loaded ammunition for troops overseas. Also a World War II veteran. Later a semi-professional and professional baseball player and believed to be the longest-lived pro athlete of all time.[38][39]
Steer, Frank12 January 19017 March 2006 (105)(Hawaii) Enlisted aged 17. Fought on the Western Front in the Meuse Argonne offensive. Also a World War II veteran. See entry.
Warmington, Arthur18 September 189511 January 2006 (110)(New Jersey)[40]
Zell, Carley1 September 189926 February 2006 (106)(Georgia) Non combat. Served as an apprentice seaman in the US Navy.[41][42]

World War I-era veterans - 5 veterans

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "WWI", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

Estonia (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Ilus, Ants20 September 19013 February 2006 (105)Last known survivor of the Estonian War of Independence Nov 1918 – Feb 1920. Moblilised 1919.[10][11][12]

Greece (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Patricios, Napoleon2 July 18991 August 2006 (107)Enlisted in the Royal Greek Navy before July 1919. Served on board the destroyer Ierax during the Greco-Turkish War. Completed military service in 1924.[43]

Russia (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Gudz, BorisAug 190227 December 2006 (104)Fought with the Red Guards in the October Revolution and the Russian Civil War.[13][14]

United States (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Little, David Samuel (Tex)26 December 190212 March 2006 (103)Non combat. Enlisted 1919, aged 16, but served Stateside. See entry.
Starkey, Maurice E.3 December 190127 November 2006 (104)(Pennsylvania) Enlisted in the US Navy July 1919.[44][45]

Totals - 58 veterans

  • Verified veterans - 53
  • World War I-Era veterans - 5

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