The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2007.

Veteran Emiliano Mercado del Toro of Puerto Rico (21 August 1891–24 January 2007), who died aged 115, is the oldest authenticated veteran, from any conflict, to have ever lived.

Veterans by country of service - 37 veterans

Canada (2 veterans)


Name Born Died Notes
Clemett, Victor Lloyd10 Dec 189921 Feb 2007 (107)Non combat. Enlisted aged 16 and served in England cutting timber when his real age was discovered. See entry.[1]
Wilson, Dwight "Percy"26 Feb 19019 May 2007 (106)Did not see action (was turned back after arriving in England, due to his young age). See entries.[2][3]

France (6 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Brunier, Charles31 May 190126 Jan 2007 (105)Excluded from French government lists as it only counts those who served in France, i.e. on the Western front. See entries.[4][5]
Delaire, Bernard28 Mar 18991 Oct 2007 (108)In training as a naval officer August–November 1918.[6]
Grelaud, Jean26 Oct 189825 Feb 2007 (108)See entry.[7]
Guay, Raymond17 Apr 19002 Jan 2007 (106)[2]
Riffaud, René Félix19 Dec 189816 Jan 2007 (108)See entries.[8][9][10]
Capony, Marie-Simone14 Mar 189415 Sep 2007 (113)See entry.[11]

Germany (9 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Christmann, Rudolf 10 Jan 1900 27 Jun 2007 (107)Served in both World Wars, oldest living German man during the last month of his life.[3]
Heiman, Walter12 Mar 190118 Mar 2007 (106)Enlisted at age 17 in March 1918, but still in flight training when war ended. Fled to U.S. in 1938, became U.S. citizen, died in Missouri. See entry.[12]
Kaiser, Albin12 Dec 189911 Apr 2007 (107)Served in France. Infantry.[4]
Kos, Józef27 Sep 19005 Apr 2007 (106)Ethnic Pole. Served in the German army in 1918. See entries.[13][14][15][16][17]
Moszynski, Johann 25 Feb 1902 5 Dec 2007 (105) Born in Galicia[5]
Meier, Robert10 Mar 189729 Jan 2007 (109)See entries.[18][19][20][6]
Remmert, Wilhelm15 Nov 189927 May 2007 (107)Went to war at 17 and served in Russia, later in France. Oldest living German man until his death.[21]
Seegers, William24 Oct 190010 July 2007 (106) Drafted June 1918; served until Apr 1919. Died in U.S. See entry.[22]
Seim, Rudolf31 Jan 18999 Jan 2007 (107)[21][7]

Italy (9 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Agazzi, Alberto30 Jan 189912 Apr 2007 (108)[23]
Bertolami, Carmelo8 Dec 1900 4 Nov 2007 (106)Excluded from Italian government lists as it only counts those with at least six months of service. Called up in March 1917.[24][25]
Carta, Giovanni Antonio28 Dec 18995 Jun 2007 (107) Enlisted in 1917.[26]
Ciarniello, Annibale9 Jan 19003 Jan 2007 (106)Excluded from Italian government lists as it only counts those with more than six months of service. See entry.[27]
Costanzo, Pasquale21 May 189910 May 2007 (107)
Garbuglia, Enrico30 Mar 19002 Jun 2007 (107)Joined June 1918.
Sarrocco, Italo11 May 18988 Jan 2007 (108)Fought at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. See entry.[28]
Serioli, Battista26 Nov 190021 Dec 2007 (107)Excluded from Italian government lists as it only counts those with at least six months of service. Signed up in May 1918. Lived in Sale Marasino, near Brescia. Left the Army in 1921.[29][30][31]
Tuveri, GiustinoTemplate:Dts/outdmy25 Oct 2007 (109)Born in Sardinia, moved to France in 1920.[32]

Romania (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Pănculescu, Gheorghe C.26 Mar 19037 Jan 2007 (103)Last known Romanian World War I veteran. See entry.[33]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (3 veterans)

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Born Died Notes
Violet HughesWomen's Army Auxiliary Corps14 Jan 19018 Mar 2007 (106)One of the last surviving British female veterans of World War I.[34]
Mayne, Philip2nd Lieutenant, Royal Engineers22 Nov 18999 Apr 2007 (107)The last surviving British army officer of World War I and last Royal Engineer. Non combat. Completed training in September 1918 and awaiting a posting to the Front but caught Spanish flu and spent the remainder of the war in hospital. See entry.[35]
Young, William (Will)Private, Royal Flying Corps4 Jan 190024 Jul 2007 (107)Last Scottish veteran and the last survivor of the RFC. Served as a wireless operator on the Western Front. Moved to Australia after World War II. See entries.[36][37]

United States (7 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Brown, Lloyd7 Oct 190129 Mar 2007 (105)From Maryland, the last US Navy World War I veteran. See entry.[38]
Coffey, J. Russell1 Sep 189820 Dec 2007 (109)From North Baltimore, Ohio, enlisted on 19 October 1918. Did not see action (was still in training)[39][40][41]
Mercado del Toro, Emiliano21 Aug 189124 Jan 2007 (115)From Puerto Rico, the oldest veteran ever. The oldest person and oldest man in the world at the time of his death. See entries.[42][43]
Pierro, Antonio22 Feb 18968 Feb 2007 (110)From Massachusetts, and the last veteran of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. See entry.[44]
Ramsey, Howard Verne2 Apr 189822 Feb 2007 (108)From Oregon. See entry.[45]
Wagner, Albert Frederick 'Jud'5 Sep 189920 Jan 2007 (107)From Kansas, and the last US Marine Corps World War I veteran. See entries.[46][47]
Winters, Charlotte10 Nov 189727 Mar 2007 (109)From Maryland, and the last female US World War I veteran. See entry.[48]

World War I-era veterans - 5 veterans

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "WWI", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

Finland (2 veterans)

Name Born Died Notes
Lehtinen, Eino Arvid10 Apr 190029 Jan 2007 (106)Veteran of the White Guard in the Finnish Civil War (1918). [8]
Rönnback, Lennart21 May 19054 Nov 2007 (102)Veteran of the White Guard in the Finnish Civil War (1918). Finnish Swede.[49]

Turkey/Ottoman Empire (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Turan, Veysel1898?25 Mar 2007 (108)Veteran of the Turkish War of Independence 1919–1923 and post–World War I interregnum. [9]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Baker, Wilfred29 Jun 19005 Mar 2007 (106)Scottish World War I-era veteran, joined the Royal Navy in December 1918.[50]

United States (1 veteran)

Name Born Died Notes
Peterson, Orin Manfred27 Feb 190024 Aug 2007 (107)Signed up for US cavalry but did not serve overseas. Enlisted in 1919 according to a letter from his nephew, but his World War I Draft Registration Card from 1918 states he enlisted in the third and final draft, 12 September 1918,[51] roll 1684110. It is still disputed whether he may have been considered a World War I veteran instead of an era veteran.[52] It is possible that the family wanted to prevent media coverage. Lived in Spokane, Washington.[53]

Totals - 42 veterans

  • Verified veterans - 37
  • World War I-Era veterans - 5

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