Luke Dolan
Luke Dolan
Luke Dolan in his centenarian years.
Birth: 6 June 1906
Clonfree, Strokestown, County Roscommon, Ireland
Death: 9 November 2014
County Roscommon, Ireland
Age: 108 years, 158 days
Country: IRE Flag IRL

Luke Dolan (4 June 1906 – 9 November 2014) was an Irish centenarian who was (and still is) the oldest Irish man in history when he died. [1][2] However, he is not the oldest man ever born in Ireland. James Hanlon (1891-2001), who died at the age of 109, holds that title.


Luke Dolan was born on 4 June 1906 in Clonfree, Strokestown, County Roscommon, Ireland. Luke smoked and did not eat porridge until in his 60’s, but he appears to have long age and good health in his genes; his sister Mary Kate survived until her 106th year and sisters Nancy and Nora lived into their 90’s. He attributed his longevity to eating a boiled egg every day, a loving wife (Peggy passed away in 2005, aged 85) and sugar in his tea.

Luke Dolan died in County Roscommon, Ireland on 9 November 2014 at the age of 108 years, 158 days. He is still the oldest Irish man ever.


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