Maggie DeVane
Maggie DeVane

Maggie DeVane (née Johnson; born 17 November 1905) is an American supercentenarian who is currently unverified.


Maggie was born in Rex, North Carolina on 17 November 1905 to Henry (1848–1916) and Nannie Johnson. Her father was a slave who was also a Civil War veteran. She grew up with 17 siblings. All of her brothers and sisters passed away before her. Her sister, Inez Womack, passed away at age of 106. Maggie never drank alcohol. Maggie married Junious Devane on 14 April 1934. They had one son, Gene Devane. She taught third grade at what is now St. Pauls Elementary for a number of years, and served as secretary for the First Baptist Church in St. Pauls before retiring.

Maggie has only been hospitalized once, and that was for hip surgery in 2010 at the age of 105. She uses a walker to get around. Her hearing and vision are good.

She lives in St. Pauls, North Carolina.


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