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Welcome to Gerontology Wiki.
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Today is Friday, 28 April 2017, 09:40 (UTC/GMT).
There are currently 9,746 pages and 1,563 articles on the Gerontology Wiki.

The Gerontology Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Gerontology, the study of human aging and longevity, with a focus for everything related to Supercentenarians, Longevity, and Oldest People. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, subject to the rules and guidelines, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive encyclopedia on gerontology. Check out the Help pages to get started!

The Gerontology Wiki was founded in 2007 by Keith Cody, a friend of The 110 Club founder Ben Meyers.

Robert Douglas Young, the Senior Consultant for Gerontology for Guinness World Records and the Director of the Gerontology Research Group's Supercentenarian Research and Database Division, joined the Gerontology Wiki in 2007 and has been appointed the "Chief Bureaucrat" to manage the Gerontology Wiki in terms of policy and administration. The chief purpose of the Gerontology Wiki is to serve as a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia that operates similar to Wikipedia, but whose content focuses on the general area of "gerontology", with a special focus on Supercentenarians. The Gerontology Wiki has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years and now shows up highly ranked in search results for Google search.

As a 'crowdsourced" Wiki, all are allowed to contribute to the Gerontology Wiki, so long as the rules and policies of the Gerontology Wiki are properly followed. Robert Young has to assist him a dedicated team of Gerontology Wiki Admins who coordinate the growth and maintenance of the Gerontology Wiki on a daily basis. For more information, the following "Quick Links" should be helpful:


Oldest Validated People (according to the Gerontology Research Group)

Oldest Living People (according to the Gerontology Research Group)

For more information on Italian supercentenarians, please visit the GRG-affiliated:

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