Margaret Vivian
Margaret Vivian
Birth: 25 February 1906
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

111 years, 357 days

Country: UK Flag UK AUS FlagAUS

Margaret "Peg" Vivian (née Brown) (born 25 February 1906) is a British-born Australian supercentenarian who is currently unvalidated. She has been the oldest known person in Australia since the death of Marjorie Cooke on 1 September 2017.


Margaret Johnstone Brown was born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom on 25 February 1906. She was the youngest daughter. On her 10th birthday, she and her elder siblings Jean, aged 12, and Joe, 14, left the care of their aunt for the five-week journey. They moved to Fremantle, Western Australia to Margaret's parents.

In 1927, she married Jack Dagmar Milton Vivian (1904–1981). Later she took on the role of primary carer for her husband, who had emphysema for 17 years. After her husband died she was mentally and physically exhausted. Family sent her to Queensland to a friend that family had for many years. After she got back she went on a world trip and joined Trinity School for Seniors and she's never stopped since. She still has a living daughter, Peggy Vivian.

Vivian lives in Doubleview, Western Australia.


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