Margit Dezsone Kovacs
Margit Dezsone Kovacs
Birth: 25 September 1906
Berekböszörmény, Austria-Hungary (modern-day Hungary)

111 years, 75 days

Country: HUN FlagHUN

Dezsone Kovacs (née Margit Balogh) [Hungarian: Kovács Dezsőné Balogh Margit] (born 25 September 1906) is a Hungarian supercentenarian who is currently unverified. She is the oldest living person in Hungary since November 2015 and the oldest Hungarian since the death of Zoltan Sarosy, who died on 19 June 2017 in Canada.


Margit Dezsone Kovacs was born on 25 September 1906 in the town of Berekböszörmény, Austria-Hungary, modern-day Hungary. She was the oldest of 5 siblings, but today she is the only one alive. She grew up in Oradea, present-day Romania, where she attended elementary school. Margit also met her later husband there. In 1920, the family moved to Hajdúnánás, Hungary, after the Treaty of Trianon. She started to work as a shop assistant there. She married Dezső Kovács in 1927. Their daughter, Éva, was born a few years later. They moved to Kecskemét in 1956. Margit got widowed in 1984. Besides her daughter, she has two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

On her 110th birthday it was mentioned that she is a good-natured lady with a good health and extraordinary spiritual freshness. She lives alone in her flat, which is next to her daughter’s flat. She still helps in cooking. Margit wore glasses until she had a cataract operation on both of her eyes at the age of 90. Since then, she can read her favourite romantic novels without glasses. Besides reading, sewing is her other hobby. According to her, there’s no secret of longevity: „We can eat, drink and do everything we would like to and what we enjoy.”


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