Marie Josephine Gaudette
Sour Cecilia
Birth: 25 March 1902
New Hampshire, United States

115 years, 94 days

Country: USA FlagUSAITA Flag ITA

Marie-Josephine Clarice Gaudette (known as Sister Cecilia; born 25 March 1902) is an American-born Italian supercentenarian, who is currently the oldest living American-born person and U.S. citizen following the death of Susannah Mushatt Jones. Following the passing of Emma Morano, she is also the oldest living person in Italy, and the second-oldest living person in Europe. She is also the oldest person ever to have been born in the US state of New Hampshire. She is also the oldest living nun in the world.


Marie-Josephine was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, on 25 March 1902. She soon decided to become a nun. She lived in Canada and France, where she taught art & music, before settling in a convent in Rome, Italy in 1958.

Later life

During the 2008 U.S. presidential election, she gained worldwide attention as one of the oldest voters (after a 56 year hiatus) at age 106. She voted for Barack Obama, who eventually ended up winning the election against the Republicans' candidate John McCain.

At the time, she was reported to be in good overall shape, other than diminishing hearing ability. She later stated slight discomfort about the increased attention she was getting. At age 110, she was still able to write on a typewriter.

She currently lives in Rome, Lazio, Italy.


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