Matsuno Oikawa
Matsuno Oikawa
Matsuno Oikawa (front centre) aged 110 in September 1999.
Birth: 20 February 1889
Death: 3 January 2002
Ofanuto, Iwate, Japan
Age: 112 years, 317 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Matsuno Oikawa (20 February 1889 – 3 January 2002) was Japan's oldest person at the time of her death. She lived in Ofanuto, Iwate Prefecture.

Oikawa raised three children while running a Japanese-style inn. She was active until her 90s, and was cited by her hometown for giving people "the dream for and hope of longevity for living through the Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei eras." She received medical care at her home after her health deteriorated in February 2001.[1]

Oikawa died of a heart attack aged 112 years, 317 days.


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